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Hubert Borschlag

Full Name: Hubert Borschlag
Nick Name: Ye Olde Alchemist
Played by: oldEMT47 oldEMT47
Race/Class: Human Alchemist
Affiliation: See the World (GroupC)


Double Bubble, he toil lest their be trouble. A fine craftman of Potent Portables. Spells in a bottle for those who care not to learn the arcane themselves. And a great teacher for those who do.

Strength: 30
Dexterity: 25
Melee: 45
Ranged: 35
Magic: 125

Health: 50
Mana: 200

Craft Potion: (these all take time and preparation, they cannot be made during battle)
*disclaimer* the GM is NOT a chemist, just go with it

LightHealth|restores 10HP|salicylic acid,brewers yeast
MajorHealth|restores 50HP|salicylic acid,yeast,alcohol,hemp
LightMana|restores 10MP|alcohol,water
MajorMana|restores 50MP|more alcohol,less water,electrolytes
Rejuvenation|restores 10HP+10MP|alcohol,hemp,electrolytes
(the above must be administered carefully if used together, any combination resulting in more than 80 total net points restored may cause overdose.)
Awaken|restores -5HP to +1HP|salicylic acid,yeast,sulphur,salt
Reunion|restores -9HP to -5HP|yeast,sulpur,salt,crushed bone (from an animal not the target corpse),one living maggot (from the target corpse)-leeches have been successfully substituted if no maggots yet

Illumination|light source|petrol,cotton
Molotov|D10 damage|alcohol,sulfur,flint
Ice|D6 damage|freeon,water
Flash|D6 damage to target, blinds radius|magnesium,flint
(the following each last 8hrs)
Sleep|drinker falls asleep|distilled chloroform,water
Truth|drinker CANNOT lie|sodium,penethol
Dare|drinker becomes enraged +10melee|alcohol,musk
Bloodlust|+20melee,+10str,+1phys dmg|vampire blood,salicylic acid,garlic oil (do not exceed one dose in 48hrs)
Dew of the Mountains|+20dex|carbon,water,succrose,caffiene,orange-juice

Poison|D6 damage (projectile, does not have to be drunk)|sulphur,chlorine
Antidote|reverse poison damage up to 10HP|sodium,water
Protection|time released antidote, neutralizes poison as it enters negating it, last 12hrs|sodium,glycerine
Were Be Gone|prevents those scratched by a lychan from becoming one, must be administered within 8hrs|sulphuric acid, silver,water
Defang|prevents those biten by a vampire from becoming one, must be administered within 8hrs|garlic oil,nightshade,phosphorous,cinnamon (must be a STICK, not ground)

new potions, work in progress:
I Quit|turns lead into gold|lead,???

Healing, restores 20HP, cost 50MP
Anti-healing, D10 damage, 15MP
Invisiblity, can only be cast on self, lasts 1hour,50MP
Vision, cures those magically blinded, 20MP
Slow poison,restores half poison damage of one attack, 15MP

10x LightHealth , 2x MajorHealth
6x LightMana , 1x Rejuvination

1x Awaken

5x Illumination , 1x SmokeScreen
3x Molotov , 2x Ice , 1x Flash

3x Poison, 3x Antidote, 1x Protection

10x empty bottles

Ingredients: (water is considered plentiful)

Salt Bag, approx 20 uses. Can also be broken down into sodium and chlorine

10xsalicylic acid , 8xyeast , kilo hemp (approx 100 doses) , 3xelectrolytes drank all that.

5xsulphur , 5xflint , 3xmagnesium , 1xphosphorous

clove of garlic, approx 12 oil uses left.

20x cinnamon, can also be used to flavor your hemp tea

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3/12/2006 12:00 am

Where is the Game thread? trying to get back into the game.

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the main game thread at the moment is the one called The Bored Whore Inn.

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