Anestasia Bluent  

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Anestasia Bluent

Full Name: Anestasia Bluent
Nick Name: Stacy
Played by: countrygirl0173 countrygirl0173
Race/Class: Halfling Warrior
Affiliation: Discreet Inc - GroupB


How can something so tiny, pack such a big hit? Size does NOT matter. This petite frame can effectively weild weapons many men cannot even lift. And maintains perfect balance while doing it. You would think her own body must be enchanted, yet she seems immune to magic.

Strength: 80
Dexterity: 80
Melee: 75 (80)
Ranged: 5
Magic: 0

Health: 80
Mana: 0

Mass Analysis: An intiutive understanding of weight distribution allows you to balance objects seemingly impossible to lift.

Polearm Mastery: Melee +5 when using any polearm class weapon.

Pole Vault Manuever: A keen understanding of leverage and velocity. Move a very large distance in a short amount of time. Results in the blade end of the polearm being "slingshot" at twice normal speed: 2xDmg

Whirlwind: Attacks anyone (friend or foe) within range of this gaint sweep. (multiple attacks for one action)

Halberd: D6+6
Fashion Light Plate Maile: 50% chance -10dmg

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