All work and no play...  

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9/23/2005 7:28 am

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All work and no play...

well, work is just starting to die down a touch so I actually have a moment to explain where I've been.
I work in a refrigerated wholesale grociery wharehouse. Not very glamourous at all, and I quite hate it. But nothing else I've tried paid the bills. In theory I work 4 days a week, approximately 10 hrs each. I say approximately because it really depends on how much various grociery stores order from us. If the stores are dead, so are we, if they're booming, you get the picture. We were expecting a bit of a surge for Labor day, as we stock all the "fresh" deli type hotdogs and hamburgs, ground beef etc. As well as melons and corn (in general we have mostly meat, diary, and produce with small floral and bakery sections.) But anyway, they started with the mandatory 5th day overtime right on schedule. However, the company is privately owned, and the owner had recently bought out one of our customer's own supply chains. Appearrently, these were UNION run wharehouses. tsk,tsk,tsk. Kind-hearted demon tycoon that he is, he immediately shut them all down prolly before the ink was dry. So we have recently undertaken "small new temporary work" as my local management put it. Thinking it was temporary, That first week (the week before Labor day) I decded to grab all that I could, and worked all 7 days. On avg, 12 hrs. The following week, they basically cancelled the holiday itself, everyone who would normally work a monday had to. I decided that was BS and only signed up for 6 days that week. The following week I took on 6 as well, because I was getting worn out. Appearrently everyone else is doing similar as I found myself working minimum 12hrs and frequently 13 and even 14. Now I've cut back to the mandatory 5 days only, and 14's are still common, tho last night (I work nights) was a blessing at 11.5! The money is good, but I'm beat. And this new work is looking less and less "temporary" every week. Anyone out there want to rub my sore body???

34andahalf4U 49M/44F

10/12/2005 10:13 am

(him)I totally understand your pain, there. I used to be one of them guys that drove the refers to bring all those goodies for you and your coworkers to deal with. 'Course, all I hauled was garlic bread so outside of ti/hi, it wasn't to much of a killer.

I dig the goat...did you do that yourself?

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