End of the night thoughts, before we....  

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8/28/2006 8:34 pm

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8/29/2006 5:32 am

End of the night thoughts, before we....

End of the nights thoughts, before we, GASP, have INTERRACIAL INTERCOURSE.

Now, some of you KKK fuckheads dont like the fact R is black, and C is white. And I mean oldies Rock white, but get over it. he cums in me, I love him, end of story,life will go on.

As for the one idiot who actually sent us a threatening letter, the cops show up as quickly as you thought? (hint, R's best friend since high school is the District Att. for this area. Only a fucking idiot would SEND A DOCUMENTED THREAT to us that we can send to OUR LAWYER as PROOF YOU THREATEND US. Moving on)
For the record, since his arrest, we are Drama free

Additional information we just came by.

8. Women who have a profile saying they are looking for Men, Women, Couples (man and woman) and then get upset when a man sends them an email. BITCHES- there are check boxes for a reason. If you DO NOT want a man, REMOVE the MAN check box.

9. Men who only have dick pictures. Come on, that shit went out the window as soon as another man with a, GASP! Bigger DICK than yours was born. And here is a fact, THERE WILL always be someone with a bigger dick. Some advice? DONT BE A DICK. Have more than that picture on your profile.

10. Last but not least. Racial Preference. Now, C and R are both completely different races for all intents and purposes. One hails from europe, the other of african descent. We find racial preference completely ignorant.

Lets look at this from an intelligent, ANTI-terrorist point of view. Terrorists from ALL over the world UNITE to kill AMERICANS. They dont see white, black, asian, native or french americans. THEY SEE TARGETS. ITS two thousand fucking six. GET WITH IT. RACIAL PREFERENCE is like tye-dye shirts. THEY ARE OUT OF STYLE, and NEVER COMING BACK.

Move the fuck on, and learn to live, love and hate everyone equally if you are the hating type.
C absolutely finds racists of the same value as dog shit. remove them from the earth to make room for true God loving people. And for the record, we dont push our bible spew onto others. You can be atheist for all we care. but dammit, hate everyone equally.

VaCpl_69 36M/32F
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8/28/2006 8:49 pm

Oh, and one last thought on racism...

Everytime a couple of mixed races has a child, that child is 50% less likely to develope racially dominant genetic problems.
ie. heart disease, colon cancer, high blood pressure, weak bone structure, GLc, breast cancer, even veracose viens. The reason is simple, by combining genetic structure and good ole fashioned gene mixing/splicing, you remove the weakness of the other race.

aint that some shit to carry us into the 21st century? so all you racists or white supremacists, youre weakening your own race.
Ever wonder how mixed kids generally look better than mono ethnic children? you remove the bad code.

hell, black people are 75% less likely to get skin cancer from sun exposure. Shit, we dont even get sunburned unless we get 4 times the sunlight exposure white people get.

now couple that with a mixed child, they become 50% less likely for skin cancer or melanoma problems. If you have an I.Q. of at least 110, you must surely see the light here?

also, inbreeding generally adds a 25-27% chance per instance of genetic malfunction.

We wont even go there.....

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