Sex at age 13....  

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5/23/2005 7:40 am

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Sex at age 13....

My best friend and I were reminiscing about our past the other night when we got on the topic of our early sexual exploits. My friend was a late-bloomer, not losing his virginity until he was 18. I on the other hand started very early, having my first full-blown intercourse about a month before my 14th birthday. Her name was Lisa, and she was an “older woman” ‒ all of 15 years old, and a virgin like me. We were pretty much inseparable for 2 years, and our sexual appetites were ferocious. This may sound corny, but as a newly indoctrinated “lover”, I was very proud of the sex I was having and kept a journal of it. At the end of 365 days, Lisa and I had made love over 380 times! That’s better than once per day on average. Ah, the bygone days of youth.

I wish I still had that journal ‒ it’d be a hoot to look at now!

I think hanging out with people at least 2 years older than me contributed greatly to my early blooming. I probably had sex over 1,000 times before my 21st birthday. Jeez, what the heck happened?

Feeling very old at 36….

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