Have you . . . . . . ?  

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8/8/2006 2:33 am

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Have you . . . . . . ?

Now that I have your attention, I wonder . . . have you ever really spent time without your computer or your internet connection?

As some of you might know, I have my 32 year old daughter and my grandsons now living in a "way too small" of a house. At the moment we have two full fledged, full of bells and whistles computers up and running full time around here and an "X-box" hooked up to what used to be my kitchen tv that runs at full volume all the time that the younger grandson is up! (Yes, he broke the volume button and somehow between both of the two grandsons they even managed to "dig" the button out of the case without electrocuting themselves one day while I was gone to the doctor's office!) Most of the time it is hard to hear yourself even think.
We have a broadband cable connection to both of these computers, along with EVERY cable channel that our local cable company carries hooked up to the tv in the living room.

My daughter doesn't believe she should have to share HER computer with ANYONE--me included. Her computer is in a "delicate" condition she says--someone could really "fuck it up"! So as you can pretty much tell from the way I have posted here so regularly (if only--lol )in my blog, I have to share my computer with the two grandsons!

Now that you have a pretty good idea of the set up around here picture this. We lost the cable hookup to our house from early Thursday morning until late Saturday night. Hubby "forgot" to pay the cable bill, so the kind cable company decided to shut everything off!

Do you know what it is like to hear two grown women and a teen-ager and younger kid complain about no tv or internet? Let's just say-- it was not a fun time at all! While us women remembered that there were lots of "romantic" novels and the like we could read--the kids absolutely scorned the idea of reading and the very idea of going out to play was an idea not even worth their loathing! Board games were just that--boring to them. If it didn't involve the bashing of monsters and other such adventures involving electrical appliances, it just wasn't worth doing!!

It ended up with more DVD's being watched until I felt like they were trying to take over my dreams.

Oh, did I forget to mention also that for the last month--since this heat wave has started we acquired another air conditioner? I have found out that not too many lights along with the computers and air conditioners can be run at the same time. Seems like it pulls too much power and it trips the main electrical breaker for the house. Then that means you have to let this breaker cool down for about 15 minutes before it will work again. Then it is a mad dash up from the basement to try and turn off as many non-essentials as possible before the breaker trips again, thus becoming a breathless cycle of up and down the basement stairs. Hubby has bought a new stronger breaker box and heavy duty breaker for the house -- now I need to figure out how to make him take the time to install it.

You must loose your internet or electrical connection sometimes. How do you guys handle it?
Have we all become such tv and or internet freaks that should we loose one or both of these fun things that we don't know what or how to keep ourselves amused? Is this our future that I am experiencing ahead of everyone else, as usual?

spinninginVT 40M

8/9/2006 10:36 am

amazing. i see this as both an example of our dependence, as individuals and as a society and culture, on the technologigal gadgets that populate our homes. i am nearly thirty, and spent my developing years in the nineteen-eighties with the ataris and early nintendos and the onset of cable tv, but we had very strict limits on the amount of time that could be spent with any of these gizmos...and reading was very much (and still is!) a regular part of EVERY day, not to mention playing outside and just being a kid!

the first thing you need to do...well, aside from kicking your daughter to the curb!...is make a few rules about the TV and computers and get the kids OUT OF THE HOUSE, especially on the amazing late summer vermont days!!! that way, you'll have more time to use the machine yourself, get more blog entries in, and feel good about those kids out there running, playing and discovering the childhood that they're missing out on!


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