A few weeks in the blog starts  

UticaBBW 42M/48F
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4/5/2006 9:21 pm
A few weeks in the blog starts

This blog will be written by the male of our couple unless otherwise stated.
I recently returned to central NY from various adventures and educations to apply for my PhD, rest in the home of my youth and generally unpack my backpack and regroup.
One of my favorite aspects of being home is getting to see my dear friend (and often times lover) M.
M is a plus size sexy woman and I have always ADORED larger girls. I had lusted after M through high school and jerked off thinking about her huge soft tits, her round lips, her belly, her ass...
I knew I was coming home to find her recently single and couldn't wait to get my face is her tasty pussy again. Have some fun together. What I didn't know was how much fun she was up for and this blog is about our explorations.

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