the first time  

UrScarletAngel 37F
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12/10/2005 4:50 pm

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4/22/2006 1:00 pm

the first time

i met someone off here last night, and we hit it off rather well. we talked a bit, flirted a lot and when it came down to it, i couldn't help but want him. it was the best foreplay i've ever had...i came before he ever put his cock in me, or touched my pussy with his hands...i've never come from nipple stimulation till last night! talk about ecstasy! i'll be doing him again, whenever he wants it...tommorrow morning hopefully!!! i'm actually looking forward to getting up early on a sunday morning--and it's most definately not for church! (though i may call god a few times!!!)

excited045 56M
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12/10/2005 9:26 pm

Sounds like you had a good time. I hope you hook-up with him again. Have fun. Happy Holidays!!!

pleasingorally69 64M
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12/20/2005 8:17 am

yep hope you have many more good times. Thats what life is about...
happy holidays...

rm_stubby241 56M

3/29/2006 4:15 pm

You lucky lady, I am still waiting for that first one.

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