MFM and Anal Sex  

UprootedTexan 70M
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3/13/2006 7:47 pm

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1/26/2008 4:06 pm

MFM and Anal Sex

My ladyfriend says I'm full of hooey.

We have had anal sex and she enjoys it, matter of fact she even cums from doing it. I been thinking, there isn't much difference between the female ass and the male ass, so I might enjoy it also.

I've tried a dildo and vibrator (solo) and have been able to handle either okay penetrating but was unable to keep the pumping movement up because I would lose track of what I was doing. We have played with a strap-on and she has even penetrated me with a dildo but with little success. When we use the strap-on, it falls out and she doesn't have the stroke right when she is using the dildo or vibrator in me. I have become frustrated with our attempts of me receiving anal penetration.

I've been wanting to receive anal pleasure very much and feel that the "real thing" would work better. I have come out saying that I'm bisexual-anally. (I'm not into sucking however in a MFM, I would consider licking both if he was screwing her.) I want a male to do my ass while I was doing something to a female. (not just M2M)

My ladyfriend says to count her out because she doesn't do 3somes and that I'm not bisexual, just obsessed with anal sex.

It's hard to find a couple for a MFM 3some that wants a male for anal sex but they are out there and I'll find them or they will find me..

Am I full of hooey because I want to experience anal sex?
And am I bisexual because I want to experience anal sex?

luvsbuttcrack 66M
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3/13/2006 10:55 pm

You are completely stupid. The government, to protect its domain with a standing army and to preserve the family ethic and eliminate paternity questions, defines male homosexuality as penetration of the asshole and makes that illegal so there are no homosexuals. Get it ? Your problem is that you cant see through the intent of the law is to suppress male homosexuality by making that the forbidden fruit. If the government were to forbid male homosexuality by defining it as rubbing your cock in butt crack and making that illegal, people would just say fuck the government, I want to do some homo and the word would spread that, because that is now the legal definition, that is the correct way to do homo. Get it? They aren't going to tell you how to do it if they don't want it done. Therefore, as you can now imagine, the law makes you dumb to the manner of ass play to suppress male homo. Were you to try rubbing your cock in the butt crack (start with a female, maybe you can cum) you will slowly, with practice, see the light. When you can cum you are now ready for the swing life style as anyone will know that you can cum back and you aren't trying to do what is distasteful to most everyone. Get it? You don't know an ass from an elbow if you ever think that ass play involves penetration. Do unto others....

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