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Masturbation & Life

October 2014
I now have 88 GB of mp3`s converted from my music collection.I still don`t get to be totally naughty due to my housing location.So,I have been using a sandwich bag as my fluid collector.I am also still credit card free,so,if,any one is trying to get my attention...we will have to find another way

January 2013
I have completed my music archiving with the computer for now...until I can replace the tapes,LP`s or CD`s that I can not save.I have 53 GB of MP3 or 15,100 songsI have saved the wav files also,they are 218 GB in size

November 2012
I have recorded over 14000 songs as both a wav & a mp3!Just did a Tesla tape...And I still can not be really naughty due to my housing situation(:

August 2012
I finally have full time employment,so,I am spending less time at my PC...but still not OK to be really naughty at where I am currently living.I am now recording the cassettes with the letter O,like One Way...I have converted over 12000 songs into wav & mp3 files.Off & on,I am also reviewing & reediting naughty scenes from my very last wet joy toy play session from 2009 and re-upload them to another site.I have not played since then.

February 2012
I have completed the recording of my LP`s & 45`s with my computer...but thus far,I have only converted the LP`s to mp3.Which I have 9047 tracks or about 586 hours worth of music.I am now attempting to record my cassettes with the computer and eventually convert them to mp3`s.

January 2012
Well,I did submit some naughty rhymes for the December 2011 carol contest,even though they were not based on Christmas carols.Please let me know what you think of them.For 8 years I was interested in songwriting and discovered a mentor from New York...I do have 4 lyrics copyrighted,but I neither sing nor play an instrument and it eludes me how one can create the music.

I recently completed recording the albums that begin with the letter,I now have 7079 tracks converted to mps & wav or about 475 hours worth of music.Now I am working on the Various albums & the Instrumentals.I have also update two of my personal web sites...I have just one page for my book reading page instead of 6 pages...and instead of 17 pages for my poetry page,it is also just 1 page

December 2011
Probably before Christmas,I`ll start recording the albums that begin with letter A with my PC.Currently,I have recorded and converted 5691 tracks or about 380 hours worth of music to the mp3 format.Then,I have 3 more boxes of LP`s to record with the PC.2 of the boxes contain variety albums...I resumed reading my books,when I returned to work in October.I read at work instead of eating at break time...Since September,I have been using a stationary bike at home...In December,I learned that I can transfer 5 hours worth of my music onto my mini predates the IPOD...It is a better way of saving music,instead of a CD.CD`s are more fragile than a cassette & can get warped the more that you play them.The only other safe way of saving my music is on a mp3 CD...which is just for storage...

October 2011
I just returned to work for one of my part time jobs...I have also started recording albums beginning with the letter G.I have recorded and converted to mp3,over 4023 tracks which amount to over 270 hours worth of music

August 2011
I just started archiving my LP`s that begin with the letter R.I have found a better program for converting them into a mp3.Plus I have found a program that creates mp3 cd`s.Someone on another site has started an erotic art,I have submitted some for review.

July 2011
I have finished recording all of my LP albums that begin with the letter T with my PC and have converted them to mp3.Then,I used a freeware/shareware program to tag them.So,I have over 64 hours of mp3 music.Only one song could not be recorded.Now in mid July,I have begun recording artists starting with the letter S.

May 2011
I am still archiving my LP`s.I have entered 10 Haiku's for the porn contest.On the last weekend of the month,I am inspired to create 20 new Haiku's.Eventually,I`ll probably create additional Haiku`s when I get into the mood.Plus in May,I have finally started tagging and describing my naughty pictures with a certain program that I have downloaded.I have rescued over 190,000 close ups and full body pictures of my self thus far.That is how naughty I was up until 2009.I was motivated to take pictures by a certain publication.

April 2011
I am currently in the letter T for archiving my LP collection...This month,I finally ripped my CD collection into the mp3 format...I did buy my self a mp3 player in December with expandable memory.I am currently cataloging my Cassette collection with the PC.Most my music cataloging is on index cards & in notebooks.I do have a partial listing of my music list on my personal music web site.Since Novemeber of 2010,I started a list of song titles for a potential naughty poem that someday,I will type poetry is what I call title poetry...each line is a song title in my music collection.Some of my poems are obvious as to what it`s about,while other`s are not...some may have about 6 dozen is one example:


Kings and queens
Come together
Sweet emotion


January 1,2011
I am still unable to be naughty physically,due to where I am living.I can only erupt quickly & quietly,if,needed.Besides my two jobs,I have been posting my rescued naughtiness on other adult sites.I have been reading many non fiction books.I have also been using my PC to archive my LP music collection of about 10 feet worth.I started archiving at the end of the alphabet.I still only wear my glasses largely when doing my finances or with job applications.The aromatherapy oil Frankincense is what I use for my vision,while Basil oil is being used for sprains.I have resumed watching my TV programs on dvd...ever since,I came back from a 1 hour bike ride to the movie theater last summer.

November 25,2009
I finally have my self another job...I have been reading two different books,off&on.I have deleted one of my other adult on line accounts.Until,I get my privacy back,the extant of my naughtiness is limited to trying to rescue old pic`s.Some have been posted on other sites.I have even transformed some into a black&white pic.Plus a few times a week,I have been participating in word games on these sites.Scrabble & music are the subjects.I have recreated my sites elsewhere.Biking pics,my poetry,book readings,music & tv interests,plus pc links for both 98 & xp.I have also resumed the use of aromatherapy oils topically.I was prescribed glasses earlier this year and one oil seems to be very helpful...I rarely wear my glasses at the job where I was wearing them now & then.I have also done some sewing on my pants.

June 7,2009
I have resumed indoor roller skating last month.I have started recreating my GeoCities personal sites elsewhere,since that it will close GeoCities this summer.In,April,I finally, started learning how to use my ION USB Turntable to record my vinyl with my PC.Thus far,I have only two in a half albums saved as a wav file.I need to buy another flash drive.
I have about 10 ft worth of vinyl and I am starting with the Y part of the alphabet.That is,a group called YES.I have also gone biking several times since my arrival in March.The only way that I have been able to be naughty,is to use an old winter glove.

Sunday,March 15,2009
I am moving this month,so,I will not be able to be naughty anymore...due to a lack of privacy.I do hope to resume indoor roller skating this year.I also did some major deletions from my blog.I have created dozens of music medleys & put them on DAT.

Sunday, January 18, 2009
In mid December,I started packing...I`ll be moving in the spring.After March there will be no updated naughty pics or naughtiness...Only once,have I been naughty in the new year.Just last night,I evaluated,deleted and renamed my pics from that 4 day event.I would most likely,will only be able to exchange e mail/chats... Since mid December,I have also allowed my beard to grow.I`ve also found some other sites for my naughty postings.

I have not been working on my naughty story for a while now,but I do have 4 pages thus far.I am just about done reading a book about Chaco Canyon,NM.I was there during the summer solstice
of 1978.In my most recent toy play,I tried different lubes like wet,ID and others.They most certainly don`t live up with my joy play usage with the Happy Penis Cream.I have recently created a new medley on DAT,which stands for Digital Audio Tape.

I have just gave in to creating a naughty story.It is a couple fantasy story that I have been having notions of during this past week.I currently have two pages thus far.It includes a
sexual talk in a car...I won`t give specifics right now.At the moment I am at the point of us undressing near the entry way.Plus,taking pictures will be taking a role in the story.I will keep you all informed with updates and just may be,I`ll submit here.It is possible that I may try to participate in the wet t shirt contest.

My Coolpix camera has been fixed and was returned in August.So,I was naughty twice in August.Before the September holiday,I went for a 70 minute bike ride one way.I might be acquiring at least one part time job to-wards the end of September.It`s very tough seeking employment.When,I am not being naughty or biking,I watch TV with Tivo or watch dvd`s and play games on my PC.I have not done much reading.

I had sent out my Coolpix camera for repair.So,no documenting of my nakedness during the last week of July & now of early August.Still spending time job hunting,biking when I can.I have even biked home 2 buckets of ice cream at one time...I do have saddlebags on my bike.Also being naked and freezing my self in the bathtub & the shower.Thats how I cope with a heatwave & humid conditions since 87.I have recently updated a new pic posting on 2 adult sites.If,you wish to know about them,please let me know.

In the first 8 days of June,I had the longest Wet Joy Toy Play of my life.Nakedness & play for 8 days with 3 bottles of vanilla happy penis creamEven went biking one day with out cleaning up.I had over 1700 close up pics to evaluate and from my 3 G series canon cameras,I had over 1600 full body shots to evaluate.I had google & downloaded another image viewer to evaluate the close ups for deletion & renaming.So,I have added a link for that software to my personal PC help page for older PC`s.I recently,had some much needed dental work done.Plus,I will begin my new job very soon.So,I will only be on line on the weekends and no wet joy for a couple of months (: Only nakednessand using my PC for naughtynessLast month,I completed the reading of 'the herbal male'book.
During my marathon,I came across the Gallery/GND copy that motivated me to document my wet joy play.It is the Holiday 94 issue and thus turn it into a hobby

I had a marathon wet joy toy play with my new Happy Penis Cream.2 flavors,Banana & Colada.My play lasted 5 days...April 16-21stI even went biking after playing and I resumed playing after my ride.I biked while being wet with 3 flavors on my groin.Vanilla was the first flavor that I played with.Thus far I have evaluated only my close ups.Which I saved 1339

Forgive me but the posting of my previous blog update was really for 3*15*8My 12 new Happy Penis Creams have arrived3 flavors, Banana,Colada, & CherryI have read 3 books regarding Young Living products...53 ways to use Ninxia Red/wolf berries...Natures Energy: Essential Oils...Ultimate Super food/wolf berries.My employer let me go mid April due to slow sales,etc,so,I unexpectedly was involved in my naughty hobby of taking pics of my wet joy toy play.Including pics of my adult books,magazines & Polaroid albums.Plus I pruned my beard,now that I will be job hunting when I can.I have 909 close ups to review,before deleting some & saving the others by renaming.Hopefully I can add my posting for April of 08 face contest.Now,I can look forward to biking and naughtiness anytime.Had a wonderful wet vanilla time with my April wet joy toy playEarlier in April I had created 7 naughty albums on another site about my pre Thanksgiving wet joy

This past weekend I went to a Young Living seminar here in MPLS,Mn.The founder/president was in town.One person traveled all the way from Australia to be present.Learned more him and how he got involved in Essential oils and Ningxia Wolfberries.Plus he went into great detail about his work in Ecuador in the last 3 years.He has discovered 29 new plants in just 3 years.The first weekend in March,I did attend the Mind,Body,Life Expo here in Mn.Bought 2 books.I also have 3 new books pertaining to Young Living.Last month,I read American Odessey,about Wilhelm Reich`s letters/journals over a 7 year period.I am still reading Orgone,Reich,Eros... more about Wilhelm Reich.At home,I am still reading the Male Herbal.

I am currently very naughty since friday after workOne of the reasons that I am naughty is that I have written a naughty song lyric in a ABCDAB pattern for the verse and a ABB pattern for the chorus.But I need to verify the syllable count before I continue and check with the copyright office regarding adult content.Plus for the most part,I am settled into my new place.I have reviewed,deleted and renamed my dirty pics up prior to this weekend in February of 08.

On the last saturday in August of 2007,my car`s battery had died,so I mtn biked it to the car store for a replacement.After that,I ended up sleeping 3 hours in an aromatheraphy bath.I resumed,fast forwarding through my adult vhs to decide which if,any I can keep.Thus far only 2 out of 12 vhs are keepers.I`ve also appplied my aromatheraphy oil to my entire body,groin to butt.I do have proof for any who are interested. I`ve begun a new erotic pc project,to create a folder of the best pics of my pre christmas 2006 marathon masturbation event.

I had a masturbation marathon starting from december 22nd of 2006 until december 26 of 2006.I only stopped playing wetjoy for the Xmas gathering on the 24th.I have saved roughly 3600+ digital files of my event.I have not had that much fun & enjoyment in a very long timeI have also destroyed 97% of my adult vhs and have roughly 50 pages left to read of my 'Sex' book.Having a very mild winter here in Mn.Since,novemeber,I`ve been involved in a special project at work.

A little background on my masturbation lifestyle.In high school,I tried to prevent & thus deny 'eruptions.'In are granted to now laughI started wearing a pair of socks to hide my eruptions and only once did I actively erupt...most likely,soon after the roommate had left...he & a girl thought that I was sound asleep.

In the spring of 87,I bought my first toy from Adam&Eve.Which lasted 14 years!Then in 87,I moved and eventually started masturbating on an increasing basis.Twice,I masturbating after coming home from the night shift,then slept a few hours and biked 30 miles to roller skate from 7pm to 6am...after coming home,I masturbated for several hours...slept maybe 3 hours and biked 3 miles to skate for 4 hours.

It was in the fall of 93,that I subscribed to 3 adult publications I let them expire at the end of one year.Only one did I resubscribe to two more times & thus expire at the end of the year.In 94,I was motivated by 'Gallery:Girls Next Door',to buy an antique polaroid camera to document what I have cum to call 'wetjoy.'

In 98,I went digital.My favorite lube is 'Happy Penis Cream.' I`ve becum erotically creative with my pc and on-line.I look forward to wetjoy at 2 or 3 times a month sometimes.All that I need now is to share my nakedness with someone


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