"I wink,YOU just wink back"  

UnisexualT 42F
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8/20/2006 9:28 pm
"I wink,YOU just wink back"

Wassup wit dat?
Some of you mofo gold members paid a price for this site..
YOU are just too dayum lazy to respond in a sentence.
YOU wink back.
That's IT!!
Gee. Thanks. But. NO THANKS.
I was contemplating going silver,but..
I just don't KNOW.
I saw 'Snakes on a Plane.'
Didn't see Samuel L's dick, but..
someone else's dick got bit.
A word to the one's reading...
If your dick was bit by a snake.
Don't bother to respond to me.
I can't ride you. YOU have NO dick. Look down. YOU have NO dick.
Shout out to the guy that sent me an awesome breakdown of himself.But..
NO PICTURE. I will be disappointed in you..
until YOU do.
Another week. Hmmmm. Go aHEAD. Lie to(on)me some more.

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