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4/19/2005 6:44 am

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Sexual Fitness

I need to start stretching before sex. Last time I had it I pulled my back out of whack. I don't remember--hold on!

I just got interrupted by a man about 10 years older than me who wants to suck my cock. That was his invitation to chat. "[L]et me suck your cock." Now if I were gay or bi, or just one of those guys who enjoys it from whoever, that would have been a totally acceptable one-line invitation. It tells me everything important all at once. I could just start right in with where to meet. No special etiquette is required; no courtship or attraction game needs be played. I'd be a total slut, fucking asses and getting sucked off every day. I'd be in sex heaven, just like so many of the lucky ladies on here who just have to receive men's advances. But as nature had it, I'm TOTALLY straight and I love the ladies to death.

I guess with the gals, it's harder to decide up front it's going to be a sure thing.

Incidentally, that was about the 4th or 5th straight-up proposition I've had from a man in the last 2 months. I met one guy who was using his wife as bait to get straight guys to have sex with him. I'm glad I'm so intrigued with sexual behavior.

I might as well talk about sluts now too, the female ones. The word slut does not have a negative connotation to me. I begin to smile when I think about a slut. I think a slut is a gift to mankind. I am unbelievably appreciative that there are sluts, even though I haven't ever been with one. I would never tell a woman she's a slut, unless she liked being called one that is. (I need to meet that type of woman too!) There's nothing wrong with loving sex and being sociable.

I did know a lady who was a slut for me. She told me she got slutty when she drank. She had a fiancee that I met at a party we went to. By then I had fucked her many times in the weeks before. She was thinking about leaving him for me, and I wasn't trying to force her decision. I figure if somebody has to cheat, there's a good chance they shouldn't be together anyway. After a few drinks, about six of us sat at a table and started playing a game. I had the fiancee to the left of me, and she was on the right. I was on my best behavior. She kept rubbing her leg against mine, and then put her hand under the table and started to rub my dick through my pants, right there! If the guy just leaned back he could have seen it. I got my first gray hair from her waking me up every day. The next time she came over after that party I put her ankles to her ears and gave her a hard, ravaging fuck for the slut she was.

Anyway, where was I...? My back. I don't remember when it happened. It was probably when I was half laying on her backside with her stomach down on the bed. I remember pushing into her like I wanted my whole body to get in her pussy. I just wanted my dick to lead the way. This is cartoon material. Well, my spine got better after a few days, but it's still sore around my shoulder blade. I'll let myself believe this is like a hangover, and to make the pain go away, I just need to have more sex!

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