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4/22/2005 3:08 pm

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Composite Sex Supplier

In my online profiles I want to convey that I am suitable to women wanting a range of different sexual relationships, all of them in the real world. I don't think I've figured out how to do it. I want to give women a one-time f**k if they want it. I want to deliver, when a friend needs a booty call. I want to be a lover. And the best of all would be to have a full time, dedicated lover-friend. Long term and short term are both okay.

Let me get a little more specific. If a gal with pleasure-sensitive breasts knows how I love to suck and squeeze them at great length, she should feel like she can contact me to get that done to her without any regard for other types of women I'm keeping an eye out for. She can have no strings. If another lady has too busy a life for any drama and doesn't want to keep looking for guy after guy to satisfy her sexual and intimacy needs, I'm perfect for that role. The profile will be turned off and we'll make each other happy.

To put it all there shows a conflict, so I have to say that if my lover-friend wants to have an exclusive relationship, then I will no longer have any desire for shagging women in the other situations. I'm afraid that makes me sound like I'm really just the committed type.

I want all of those experiences, but I will be satisfied with having just one woman. I can make the switch when she comes along, with no problem. I can play like the playboy, but that's not what I am naturally. I won't play on the side while I have one good woman thinking she's keeping me satisfied. If I get this profile right, it will be a masterpiece!

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