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7/7/2005 5:33 am

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I read a blog a while ago where a woman talked about some people having a problem getting clean before sex. I was a little surprised because of how easy it is to be ready. I always shower ahead of time if I know there's a chance of getting laid; but even then it is so easy to just go into the bathroom just beforehand, drop my pants, hang it over the sink and wash it with soap and water. It's as easy as washing my hands. A little water gets on my legs and pants, but so what? I always do that as a courtesy.

Any guys trying this, here's a tip. Drop pants and underwear to your knees and lean as much into the sink as possible. This minimizes any water that might get on your pants. In a public restroom, wash your hands, leave them wet and soapy, grab a paper towel and go into a stall and wash.

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