My weekend promise  

UltmtKaos 44M
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4/15/2006 1:56 am
My weekend promise

"I state your name promise... huh? Oh-oh.. ha-ha ok.. I get it..." >ahem< "... I Eric promise that I will not drink until all people of the oposite sex look the same, good and bad.. big and small... I also promise that I will not pour tequilla in the cats water bowl just to see how drunk I can get her this time.." lol "... I state your name.... " crap.. ok ".. Eric also promise that if I ever throw a party and get everyone drunk, not to try and convince them that Jose Cuervo DOES have a worm at the bottom of the bottle, and that I pulled it out and for some reason now have it hanging out of my zipper..."

You ever wonder what the hell is wrong with yourself? Yeah.. sometimes.. and I know some of you are nodding your head.. I often wonder.. what kinda world I actually live in?

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