22 F Average / 49 F Cant fit out the door.. LMAO  

UltmtKaos 44M
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4/21/2006 4:05 pm

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5/11/2006 5:41 pm

22 F Average / 49 F Cant fit out the door.. LMAO

Yeah.. ok I know its the internet.. and hell everyone has their reasons for trying to be who they want.. but some of you need a reality check.

In my proflie.. you'll see who I am. What I am about, my CURRENT pics, my interests.. my personality, and yes even my sense of humor. Yeah it sucks I aint no Brad Pitt.. but hey, I'm blessed in other ways. I NEVER try to be anything I'm not.. what you see is what you get (meaning my profile)

What the fuck.. is yer problem saying yer some lil semi hot chick.. blah blah blah.. but the reality is yer borderline a guy, can barely fit out the door.. have no pic.. and very demanding as to what yer lookin for? ROFL >SLAP< Here's yer sign. Then on top of all of that try to hook up a meeting.. um.. what the hell would you think when you actually met? ROFL that the other person would be blind? annnnnd stupid? lol

Lil bit of help for all you Jessica Alba wanna be's.. no, yer not foolin anyone with those pics you posted from when you were back in High School.. or the ones that you cut out of a magazine *whispers* the paper grain shows up in yer scan dumbass..

Be yourselves.. then maybe you will find someone that likes ya.. and you wont always be so driven to be someone yer not, when you find out that no matter what.. there is someone out there that likes you for who you are.

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rm_nodickdiet 44F
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5/10/2006 9:51 pm

hon, u know i love you, lol but u are so right. so when u movin my way? i'll be waitin!!loved 2 hear bout u tounge...hot...i'll share my lolliepop with YOU!

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