Well hasnt that gone quick........  

Ubermik 49M
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5/24/2006 11:43 am

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2/19/2011 2:09 pm

Well hasnt that gone quick........

Its the end of my first active week nosing around on here and has been quite surprising so far

Firsly I have been amazed at the amount of quite simply stunningly attractive women and couples on here because to be fair I really did think the place would be a bit like alcohol, a way for fugly munterish grots came to get laid when there werent any drunks left at the end of the night in the local night club, but not so to a very surprising degree

Also I was extremely surprised at the blogs and the magazine side of the site, infact those alone would be more than enough of a reason to join the place even if I was planning a life of celibacy

Although I have had some rather strange happenings where posts have vanished or moved around on a thread, vanished and then re=appeared and where the two articles I posted on the magazine just dont seem to be anywhere except in the view of articles I have posted,,,,,very strange

The main thing I have noticed tho is that majoratively so far the people on here seem like actual psychological grown ups lol, that probably will sound an odd thing to say seeing as theres an age limit, but I have spent the last 3 years on a more ordinary format dating site and you just wouldnt believe the amount of or degree of complete fuckwits, self deluders, desperate, needy, man hating, embitterred, emotionally damaged, insecure, unstable, immature, and just generally emotionally "broken" people there are on a place like that ALL of which are "chronologically" adults

On a more fun note I also found out that even us lowly "standard members" (well psuedo members really innit lol) can actually see peoples live web cams

I havent quite figured out the fascination watching someone on the other side of a room watching telly would hold for someone, but obviously it does lol, but some of the more animated ones I have to admit were quite titilating to watch, and one of the women who was clothed and not really doing anything at all bar typing was SOOOOOOOO hypnotically stunning that I just had to keep popping back and watching her do absolutely nothing again and again until she turned her cam off lol, which hopefully WASNT because I kept going back again and again

Also I had my very first sexual offer (not ever you understand lol, just on here I mean ) from a member (textual/verbal/typed that is rather than "contact " contact lol), which although poorly timed was as always nice to receive and it wasnt even them telling me to go fuck myself which is always a pleasant bonus I find

Bit like asking the pope if he wants a whiskey at the moment, but its always nice to be asked innit lol

And more recently I had someone add me to their "network", I havent quite figured what that is yet, nor do I quite understand what if any significance it has and have only managed to figure out that it means you can look at their saved pictures but I am sure there is more to it than that and at the moment am thinking its something similar to a buddy or friend list as seen on other sites but with what appears to be a set of additional benefits

Yeah I KNOW there is probably a really detailed instructions on what a network is, does, how to get the most from it and what it adds, but I'm male DUH!

Instructions are the things we put our cup of tea on for the 4 hours we spend doing something that WOULD have taken us 10 minutes to do HAD we read the bloody things in the first place lol

Its genetic, thats my excuse and I'm sticky with it lol

So, been an interesting week, and although I really am a bit confuddlicated and in a state of befuzzlement over the rather unexplained "happenings" on the magazine questions and articles they are easily addictive enough to persist with in the hopes it will either stop happening or they will start to make more sense and wont actually be in the completely eratic and random order they seem to be in at the moment

So basically its been a fun week and I'm sort of wishing I'd actually bothered to log in 6 months or so ago when I first set up my profile purely to have one quick peek to see what the place was actually like

Anyway, ever onwards or is that what hospital beds are?

sideline1968 48F

5/25/2006 6:03 pm

Well Mike,

I'm a bit slow in visiting your blog. Sorry about that. I didn't realize you were not just a newbie to my corner, but also a newbie to the site! Welcome aboard!

You've already found the best part in being here in Blogland. It looks like you are doing really well in getting yourself out there and noticed. I've seen you pop up on all sorts of blog postings. Kind of addictive isn't it? Shhh...I promise not to tell that you are getting hooked. Heck, it's a problem we all face and learn to deal with.

I wish you happy blogging and many comments.

Welcome to Blogland!

Ubermik 49M
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5/27/2006 1:38 am

Actually Sideline I already am a bit of a message board/discussion addict lol, but the articles section is being a bit temperamental at the mo, blogs are a new thing, something I havent really looked at before but I can see they can be just as addictive and in a real sense theres not that much difference between the two

Apologies for "popping up" all over the place, it must be due to the pics on here

Growing to Mz

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