Bit of a whinge this one so be warned lol  

Ubermik 49M
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5/28/2006 2:27 am

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Bit of a whinge this one so be warned lol

Not sure if its allowed to link to other posts on here so I wont, but I tripped over a thread yesterday (my personal injury claim is already in the post lol ) where someone was asking for people to vote and comment on their picture which is one of their boobs

Now personally my view was a bit of a "yeuck" as they really arent visually appealing to me with poor skin tone, way too large and a bit saggy

Now having dated women as large as a D cup I'm not a teeny tit bloke, well I'm not really an anything other than "the overall proportion/overall person" bloke really, but I do have aesthetic preferences

So now to the whinge lol

This person asked for opinions, now opinions are like arseholes, every one has one and they will be diverse and randomly spread

But the two people who posted saying they werent their cup of tea where then called gay and immature lol

How completely immature is that? I really do find people who ask a question and cant handle the response to be quite pathetic. Not only does or could it imply a massive amount of arrogance to assume that anyones tits will appeal to everyone it also IMO shows a very immature or insecure person who cant handle the fact that some people wont like them and causes them to respond like a six year old would if you said something they didnt like

As an adult I believe if you arent mature enough or secure enough to take all answers to a question then dont ask it, plain and simple
as it shows a massive lack of understanding of people in general and no concept at all of what preferences are

All done

Ubermik 49M
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5/29/2006 6:17 am

An update to this, and quite a surprising one. The person in question actually came back to the thread seemingly after some reflection on comments made. Not only did they take them onboard which is surprising enough nowadays when the comments are from a complete (notice I didnt say perfect there? lol) stranger and actually commented that on reflection they might have been a bit too quick to assume the mindset of peoples comments and the underlying tone

Shocked I was

Anyway, that in my estimation shows a great stregnth of character as not only was there no reason to even consider the comments made as being valid, but even if there was some validity in the points raised the person didnt HAVE to come back and say anything which is the choice many would have chosen

So credit where its due, a surprising action from someone who might not even realise what a good and rare trait nowadays they have and something worth pointing out I thought due to its rareity nowadays

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