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6/27/2006 4:37 pm

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Things about me.

For starters I was showed this site before and never really came to it until one night at about 2 in the morning because I couldn't sleep.Starting chatting with some people and within four hours was invited to attend a gathering with some of the people on this site.I enjoyed the trip and met alot of new people,some a little crazy and some a little mild but all of them equally nice and eager to make another friend.I will be uploading some pictures of myself eventually and be putting more as I can.Right now I am still testing out the site and getting to know people.I talk with just about anyone and enjoy the company of many people to have a good laugh with.Who doesn't need a good laugh or want one?

Some of those who have viewed my profile when I first put it up probabily saw a huge beefy looking brute.Yes,that was me when I was about 20 and in the Military.Since then alot has happened and I have gotton small.Really small and slender in the body tone.NOOooo,that doesn't mean the package changed as well.It's always stayed the use to lift weights daily for about 3 or 4 hours a day until it damaged my arm and I was told by doctors it was not good for my heart anyways.So I stopped lifting weights and then I lost someone very dear to me and then later my own son.So I went on a drunk for almost 2 years and could not make it through the day without an alcoholic drink of some sort or ten rather.Finally got through the pain of everything and yes I still drink from time to time and when I am going out with friends.No I am not scared of slipping down an alcoholic tube and drowning myself in it because that wasn't the problem to begin with but it was getting there.

I don't have full access to the site just yet and I won't until I feel I really need it because like I said earlier,I'm still trying it out and trying to get to know people.Not much sense in paying for a site and chatting in a room if you dont have hardly anyone to chat with.I get e-mails and such through the site.I just can't view large pictures and detailed profiles right now and sometimes that isn't such a bad thing at

I'm not scared of talking with anyone or speaking my mind.So if you have a question then ask.You never get the proper answer by daydreaming or wondering.I am striaght by the way so just in case some guys start looking and wondering please don't even ask.Friends,sure.Partners......hell no.I'm not racist or anti-anything or then anti-Okra.Don't even make a plate of that slimy shit and try to feed it to me because it ain't

I enjoy playing in the mud with my 4x4,horseback riding when I can,working on cars when I need to and making friends as often as possible.My hobbies are collecting baseball caps from different businesses and different places along with have sex.Yeah well who doesn't enjoy that right?LMAO

Well,I hope you enjoy the start of my blog and as more things come up or someone requests something more I will add it as I go along.Have fun and enjoy yourself.

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