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They say 96% of the people search their entire lives for there soulmates and die never finding them.The other 4% find them and enjoy the rest of there lives in total harmony.But they say you know when you find them as well.Without a doubt and no questions.How do you know actually?

Well,I do believe I found my soulmate.I don't know why I think I have.I just believe I have.She is everything I am in a female form it seems.She is witty and humorous as well as very quick and intelligent.She has smile that would melt the glaciers,eyes that will light up the night.

She enjoys spicy foods,Has an over active sexual drive (which still has to be,she's a country girl which I adore because I'm a good ole' fashion country boy myself.She has been through hell and back pretty much like I have,just at a different time.I've been rolled in shit sent to hell in a hand basket and they kicked me out because it felt to much like home and I was going to take over.She has led a similier life to my own in another state and during a different time.

She is the type of woman that is the soulmate you find once in a lifetime.You either snatch her up and take the chance or you possibly lose the best chance you ever had at finding real and true love.She is in another state right now.About 11 and a half hours away from me but hopefully in time we will remedy that.Right now we are only talking on the net.She will most likely get my number this weekend so we can call each other back and forth as we feel the need or desire to hear each others voices.

Well,we shall see how things proceed and work with this relationship.We have bot decided we would give this a try and see if we can make it work.Both of us are a little worried because of our pasts,a little scared because our hearts have taken to each other so quickly it seems.We are being cautious and open at the same time which is really hard to do.We are trying to protect ourselves from the worst case scenerio but welcomeing the greatness that each other has to offer the other.We're both kinda dreaming and wanting,at the same time we are wanting to be careful and smart about it.

Another day to remember and another experience to share with all my friends.Have a nice day and enjoy yourself.Remember,sometimes,you just have to taqke a chance and everything good comes with a risk.If you don't take the risk,you'll never know what could have been.


Catdoc2000 56M

8/4/2006 5:32 pm

Good luck!!!!

Sorry I haven't been around much this week. It was another week from hell job-wise and when I get home my boy wants every minute of my time, that is a good thing!

Keep it steady devil dog.


8/4/2006 6:11 pm

OOOORAAAH! CatDoc!Not a problem man.I can respect a child wanting his father's attention.Give it all to him man.These are the days he'll remember for the rest of his life.Thanks for keeping in touch and letting me know what's up.

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