As the cloud rises on one side it falls on the other.  

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8/1/2006 7:17 pm
As the cloud rises on one side it falls on the other.

Well.I thought I would write and let everyone know about my day....hahaha.

I got offered a better job today in a county over.It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to drive to.Seeing how I need something with more money and more hours right now as I am trying to save up to relocate,I figured I would go and have a talk with the guy.So as I drive over there in my "79" 3/4 ton Dodge powerwagon200 4x4 everything goes smoothly until I get there.I hear this slight rattle as I am approaching the town.Great,I just warped a pushrod.No big deal,it happens to the best of motors.I park the truck in a fashion any countryboy would with 4 wheel drive.Right next to the curb so I can drive right off the edge with my 33" tires.Went in and talked to "The Man" about this welders job for $25.00 an hour.I got the job right away if I want it.Welding fabricated parts and then delievering them to the clients who ordered it with a company truck which also houses a welder just in case I have to do some upon delivery as well.

Smooth and nice.Just the way I like an interview to go and a good wage to boot.I walk outside,hop in my truck and crank it up.Everybody is ohhhhing and ahhhing at the sound of this beauty.I put it in gear and WHAM!!!!No gears.No reverse,no park, no drive but all neutral drives.Sonofabitch!I get out of my truck and shake with head with disbelief.I open up my toolbox and begin to rummage through tools to fix this piece of shit truck now while I can still lay under the damn thing and see what the hell I am doing and fix it.I have to take all the linkage out of the transmission and manually shift this son of a bitch into drive while a friend is holding the break down for me so I don't get ran over by my own truck.

So now I have a faulty shift piston in my transmission which I have to drop the transmission cover out of this truck and try to find another shift piston for this "79 dodge if possible.One cloud rises and the other one falls.Hope everyone else is having a good day.

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