I feel like Tony Christie, if you know what I mean!  

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7/16/2005 3:12 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I feel like Tony Christie, if you know what I mean!

Spent so many years married to the cold fish, when i was kicked out, I made the decision to start doing what I wanted to do, so here I am.
Im not blessed with Brad Pitts looks, I dont have the body of an Adonis, and probably not the intelligence of Einstein but i know how to make people smile, Im quick witted, sharp eyed and overall nice guy. The type that always finishes last, that never gets the girl, that comes before their partner does.
But hey, i hear you say, whats wrong with that, stop feeling sorry for yourself, there's only 1 Brad Pitt and 1 Einstein, and a 1/3 of americans are obese, so whats your problem?
My problem is I lack the self confidence to meet a woman again, even for sex, my hang ups are so immense i think i'll never have that feeling of warmth again. So what do i do about it, well i tell you what i do about it, i find solace in sucking mens cocks. Yeh, thats right i suck dicks, and do you know what, i have never had so much fun in my life. I feel like a new man(literally) every day i wake up and i have sucking cocks on the brain. strange? It is to me, but i've lusted after cocks for a long time, watched porn movies of john Holmes, Rocco Siffredi and all those other lucky guys with enormous love sticks and thought about what it would be like to have that size of cock. Penis envy i hear you shout! correct! I am so envious it has ruined my sex life, up to now. But now I know the way to solve it. Simple, why didn't i think of it before, get yourself onto a website like this and offer to suck any cock, any size, anywhere anytime! You are bound to get a man sometime who matches your exact needs, 8"+ with a girth to match.

And boy did i find one, last Sunday afternoon, a guy came to see me, nice, mid forties, slight build, but a cock to die for, it was heavenly to touch, masterbate and suck, he really enjoyed it, and i shot my load too quickly as he wanked me off, but i kept sucking and wanking. i didn't swallow this time, but i watched it shoot out from the little eye, wow it was good. I felt fantastic and ever since i have dreamt of a repeat performance, and it would appear that he wants one too. But thats for later. Bye!

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