My face or my checkbook?  

TxHiTech 56M
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6/22/2006 9:09 am

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7/3/2006 2:14 pm

My face or my checkbook?

The other day I was talking with a buddy of mine and griping about a particular phenomenon that has been occurring here on AdultFriendFinder for me. I've sent out a few friendly messages and have been asked for a face pic around 15 times. In each and every one of those instances, I never hear back from them. Now I know I have a decent body and a face meant for radio but DAMN. At least tell me "I don't like mustaches" or "I don't like guys with glasses" or whatever.

I purposefully try to pick women who I think I'm in their league with. I don't even attempt to strike up a conversation with the super hot women unless it's just a friendly note to tell them that I enjoy their pics or something. These women I expect no response from. Maybe aliens come down and snatch up all the women I send a pic too? Hmmm...

I've known this friend of mine for about 10 years. He knows what I do for a living and he knows how much money I make. During our discussion, he suggested that instead of sending a pic of my face, I should take a picture of one of my deposit slips and send that instead. We got a good chuckle out of it and figured WTH let's do it. We sat down, fired up his computer and logged into my account.

This time I picked out 5 women who I know are way out of my league and sent them each a simple message with my deposit slip picture attached. One woman replied and told me that was very nice but she would still like to see a pic of my face before we meet. Huh? I never said anything about meeting you. The other 4 replies were along the lines of "How fast can you get over here and fuck my brains out" What the fuck??? I guess I know the secret code to meeting women on AdultFriendFinder now. lol

If any of you 5 are reading this, you should have figured out by now that I am blocking your messages. Good luck with the men you sucker into your bed! If any of you who were abducted by aliens have magically been returned to earth and are reading this, don't sweat it. Clearly we just weren't meant to meet and besides, I have a couple of nice women that I am talking with now. They haven't asked me for a face pic yet though. Hmmm... is that a flying saucer I see up there?

kjsmile 46F
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6/22/2006 12:32 pm

You are such a silly boy. If all they are after is money then kick them to the curb. I have not seen a face pic yet and we are still talking so no worries my dear. You so far have been a wonderful person and look forward to meeting you in person.

TxHiTech replies on 6/22/2006 4:33 pm:
Oh yeah kj, I'm sure they will find the checkbook of their dreams. My buddy and me did this as more of a stupid guy trick than anything else. It was very entertaining. Oh and by the way, when we meet, I'm buying. LOL

copper821 51F

6/26/2006 3:37 pm

Some people just don't get it. They miss out on a lot of fun.

MisssCuriousity 55F

6/30/2006 4:53 pm

I have had men send me similar things... and I steer absolutely clear of them...

I don't care to know the state of your finances or deposit slips or inheritance or deeds until well after.. WELL after a good long association that turns into a RELATIONSHIP...

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