Bi-curious ladies and the MFF  

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8/18/2005 9:07 am

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Bi-curious ladies and the MFF

Okay ladies grab a glass of wine and bull up a chair and let’s chat. So your Bi-Curious and you have decided that the way to satisfy your curiosity is the look on AF. That’s a good start. For one reason or another you have decided that the best (“safest”?) way to do this is with a MFF. Please rethink that.

Don’t get me wrong MFF can be a lot of fun. It can be worked out several ways.

Mff - where this is your guy’s fantasy and all is pretty well happening for his view and participation. This is not to say that both women don’t enjoy themselves and each other.

mFF - where the ladies are in control. This has been the subject of [womenlooking4fun]’s blog [Lesbian XXXploits] lately and can add a lot of spice the an ongoing FF

MFf ‒ where a couple that has played together for a long time invites a lady to join the fun. They know what they like and can tell her.

And finally the subject of this post the mFf ‒ The idea seems to be that this is an FF and he is just along for the ride and may or may not be needed. As an extra special evening for a special lady, sure. But as a learning tool, I have my doubts. My experience has been that the Curious lady isn’t comfortable telling what she likes and wants with the male competition present. “A woman knows” can only take you so far, as every person is different. And unfortunately, if it goes to badly she may never find out how hot it can be.

So will I, for an special Curious Lady ‒ yea I’d give it a go and work my hardest to make it unforgettable.

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