Merry Christmas honey  

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12/25/2005 4:40 pm

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Merry Christmas honey

I take him up to my room, we're rubbing each other in the elevator.... kissing and enjoying the feel of each other, i can feel him getting harder as we get closer... the door opens, i take his hand and lead him to our room... we go through the door and i ask him to sit on the chair.... i drop to my knees and open his pants, letting his stiff cock spring free... mmmmm it looks good, i lick it and tease it before i swallow it deep, up and down, sucking and enjoying... licking his balls as i reach bottom, i can feel him grow as he enjoys my mouth... up and down sucking and swallowing, enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth... i can feel my pussy getting wet, my nipples getting hard... i suck harder and deeper.... i reach bottom and suck his balls into my mouth licking and moaning with pleasure i feel his cock start to throb... he knows what i want and pulls his cock out of my mouth and cummmmms all over my face... i open my mouth and play with his juice, blowing bubbles, then notice there's some dripping out of his cock, so i swallow it deep, drinking the last drop......
i move to the bed, playing with my pussy, i make him watch, i know his cum ois still all over my face and get wetter thinking of his cock in my pussy... he watches for as long as he can, begs me to let him join me... when i notice how hard his cock is i can't deny i want him so i agree to let him eat my wet pussy.. it feels so good, but i want his cock.... i beg him to fuck me and he gives it to me... slides his cock right in and starts banging away... it hurts he's so rough, but i don't stop him, soon i'm moaning in pleasure and begging for more.... he flips me over and fucks me from behind, harder and rougher... he slaps my ass and i scream because i'm surprised... i ask for another and he spanks me even harder... i buck up against his throbbing cock, we have wild sex, but i want more.... i hold my ass open hoping he'll get the hint.... when i feel the lube pouring all over me... getting me sloppy wet and slippery, i know i'm going to get what i want... i feel one finger, then two... i hold it open wider, i can feel his fingers sliding against his cock that is pounding my pussy.... he can feel my ass loosen, he knows i want it... he pulls out of my pussy and rubs his head over my slippery asshole... teasing me... pushing it in just a little, then rubbing the outside, pushing it in again, then pulling it out... in - out.... teasing, just a little deeper each time... then all of a sudden he shoves the whole thing in DEEp, one deep thrust all the way in, i shudder, he offers to pull out, but i beg him to stay... i wait and relax, he reaches underneath and grabs my tits, tugging at my nipples, holding his cock still in my ass.... he pulls harder on my nipples, i start bucking against him... pushing his cock deeper, in and out... deep..... and he can't help but to pound away... wild and hard... pounding with no care as to how i feel, he's lost in his own bliss, pounding deeper into my ass, giving me everything he's got until he cums deep inside me... i feel him throbbing as he lets loose, a full body cum, shaking and finally he collapses.... spent... used.... i get up, hand him his clothes and send him on his way.... i crawl back onto the bed, sloppy and wet... i smile as i see my husband step out of the closet, his stiff dick in his hands.... mmmmmm i know what i'm getting for christmas

Jemsweet 45F

12/25/2005 5:08 pm

Lucky You!

WhiffAminoNames 52M
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12/25/2005 7:25 pm

Nice story. Can I be the toy next time?

rhoadsjw 36M

12/27/2005 12:24 am

WOW!!! That was an incredible story. Very vivid! If you ever need a hand, let me know.

OU8121269 51M
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2/11/2006 9:54 am

What a great Rock Hard story. Wish I could have been that guy, husban wouldn't have to hide in the closet, he can be at the edge of the bed to see all the action and close-ups.

Great story Keep It Up.

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