Wow! So many replies! About our first cpl of days...  

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1/9/2006 2:37 am

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Wow! So many replies! About our first cpl of days...

I have to say that I am amazed at the number of responses we have recieved in such a short amount of time. Answering them all has been somewhat overwhelming, so I am afraid that I have to admit that I ended up using a standard reply after the first dozen or so. Some of them were absolutely great, and there are several people on here already I would definately like to get to know on a more personal basis.

Special thanks to those of you who sent more of a response than "I'm horny, and I want to meet and get laid" with an enclosed picture of your penis. Marc has yet to see most of the responses yet, but I am sure he will be very pleased also. I have to admit I was a little leery of posting on here, and did not really know what to expect. Most of the responses were pretty much what I had expected: very vague, impersonal, and wanting to hook up right away.

Why do some men not understand it takes more than looking at 50 pics of random penises and choosing by the "eenie meenie miney moe" method to pick one, when the only other information to go on is the fact that they say they like sex? Guys, there is more to being desirable than the size and willingness of your penis. Those of you that learn that will probably get a lot further with your replies.

We did, however get a few wonderful replies that seemed to be from penises that actually had real people with personalities attatched to them. I was so amazed! We also got a lovely reply from a couple in the swinging lifestyle that I am looking forward to talking to further. There are definately people of interest on here, if you are patient enough to read through all the other responses to find them.

I do find myself wondering where all the other females and couples are, though? Maybe I should consider posting another add all of my own looking for the ladies. It's worth a thought.

At any rate, we have been having fun with this so far. We logged onto the webcam feature and had some hot kinky sex for a couple of hours night before last. Quite a few people watched. We are trying to figure out how we are going to better be able to monitor who is watching in case we want to respond and still be able to have our fun at the same time, but we have not quite worked that out yet. SO, if you are watching while we are logged on to the webcam, and we get carried away with what we are doing and don't respond, please don't take it personally. We are not ignoring you. It is just difficult to type and get kinky all at the same time. Leave a message, and we will get back to you. In the meantime, just enjoy the show.

We are looking forward to getting to know many of you as friends, and some of you as more. Unfortunately, we will will be unable to meet/hook up with everyone that has or will respond to our ad. If you recieve a "Thanks, but no thanks" response, please do not take it personally and accept it graciously. There are just honestly too many responses to meet everyone who replies, and it does not mean you are not a worthwhile and interesting person. If for whatever reason we don't end up connecting, I'd like to wish you sucess in finding what you are looking for eleswhere.

Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog! Check back for further updates about us, our AdultFriendFinder experience, our personal and sex lives and experiences, and whatever else pops to mind.
Have a great and sexually fulfilling day!


1/9/2006 10:36 am

Stacy and Marc,
You have already noted above and experienced some of the 'reality' of AdultFriendFinder in your first few days. Between those looking to hook us up onto paid porn websites, those just 'looking' and collecting pictures, those who might talk endlessly via Email but never actually move to 'meeting face-to-face', and those who don't even have the common courtesy to reply (except sometimes rudely or rushing to judgment), it can be at times frustrating and confusing. And I do recognize and empathize that most women and couples on here are 'hit up' by literally tens or hundreds of men, even when they ask not to be! And that for women/couples, even replying to any/all of these men can be overwhelming and/or more 'work' than it's worth!

And of course, the behaviors and well-justified perceptions of most men as 'pigs' (i.e. "I'm horny and I want to get laid"), can leave those of us 'normal', healthy, respectful men painted with the same brush - i.e. 'guilty until proven innocent', lol. Yes, SOME of us single/divorced men on here really ARE single/divorced, really ARE interested in more than another 'notch in the belt/bedpost', and really ARE respectful of mutual needs/desires, boundaries, comfort levels, etc. Having said that, if you actually read some of the women's profiles on here, you'll see that MANY of them encourage men to be grahpic in expressing their desires and to post/send pics of their anatomy or they won't even respond. i.e. There certainly are 'mixed messages' on here, lol. However, that only reinforces the fact that we are each individuals and that we need to respect each other's needs/desires - but hopefully as well, to discern that individuality and to respond/communicate appropriately.

I must say that your 'standard reply' is absolutely great, it is entirely appropriate, and that anyone who actually takes the time to properly and THOUGHTFULLY respond to your questions and requests is likely to really be worthy of your time and attention! It's wonderful to find 'real' people on here, with a genuine passion and respect for the joys and benefits of healthy swinging and its friendships! I look forward to reading more in your blogs and to getting to know the two of you myself!
Take care.

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