Making progress, slowly but surely  

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1/10/2006 4:46 am

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Making progress, slowly but surely

I think we were both kind of floored when we saw how many new messages we had this morning. Thanks to everyone who has replied. There really are some wonderful people on here. We are looking forward to making many new friends.

It appears that people have even been reading my crazy blog haha. I wondered if they would. I am not sure where I intend to go with this blog. So far it appears to be taking shape as the diary of my perverted sex life. But with me, you never can tell. Im likely to post anything from current personal news, pics and that type of stuff to my grandma's recipe for bundt cake. Just depends on what mood strikes me, although the mood I am usually in is horny.

Got a new toy but have not had time to play with it yet. Marc brought home a new anal plug. It is smaller than most of the other ones we have, but it vibrates; which is something only our largest one does, so it should be good for a little variety. Looks like a fun little guy.

Marc has been doing some inventive remodeling again. He installed numerous eyebolts under the ceiling tiles and is apparently planning on hanging me up from them sometime soon, or restraining me with them in some way. I still am not sure how he plans on going about doing that, but I am sure he will come up with a way to make it work. God knows there are enough hooks. Maybe he plans on hooking up other people too, beats me. From the number of them he bought, it looks like he plans on having a suspended harem. Knowing him, I am sure he has tons of plans about all sorts of depraved things we can use them for. I can hardly wait.

I have had to scratch my head over the past few days and wonder... if we have managed to get all of this done in no longer of a time than we have lived here (we just moved in less than a month ago), what this place is going to turn into after a couple of years. Anyway, I love our bedroom. It is in the basement, and the drop ceiling is awesome. We can have all the hooks, cameras, and whatever else we want mounted permanently right into the ceiling joists and the kids can't see them and wonder what it is/why it's there. When we want to use them, we just slide the tiles over and we are ready to go! Being in the basement isn't bad either, since the house is on the side of a hill and our bedroom is in the outer corner. So we not only have windows, but even a sliding glass door. Plus we are far enough from the kids to not have to worry about noise.

Of course, all the mirrors are another story altogether. We tried to sell them the idea that we put them in because it makes the room look bigger and more open. Of course, the room really is not small to begin with, and most of the mirrors are in the general area of the bed..... I don't think my oldest one bought it. He gave me this "Um, okay mom, whatever" look and walked away shaking his head.

Teenagers! They can be so infuriating. Of course, this is the boy that gave me a lecture about condom usage when I became pregnant last time. What can I say? He is definately my child. I have always been open with him about discussing sex in general. On a personal level, we keep everything very discreet, but I am sure he and Marc's oldest know that Marc and I are not physically timid of each other. We are too openly affectionate. I am positive that none of them have any idea we swing. I am not sure I could deal with that, so we keep it well away from the kids.

My new corset that I ordered came way too large. I am a little frustrated about that, especially since I went by the size charts and verified my measurements when ordering it. I was thinking about taking it to see if I can have it altered and made smaller. Somehow I don't think corsets are supposed to fit all loose and gappy, it just doesn't give me the sexy feeling I was looking for. It kind of looks like I am wearing a lace up leather and PVC potato sack. It doesn't look like it should be too difficult to have it fixed, at least I am hoping. I am just wondering that the people at the alterations shop are going to think when I bring it in haha. I am dying to wear it, so hopefully they can fix it fairly quickly. It is really an awesome corset. I got it on Ebay by a guy who makes them. He does business under gryphonleather. If anyone is looking for some great corsets in PVC or leather at a reasonable price he's the guy, but I'd recommend ordering it smaller than you think you should. Unless of course, you think it is sexy when your corset can fit you and another woman inside. Then I'd go about one size larger, because this one is almost big enough for two of me.

Other than that, there has not been much going on. I have a cup of coffee and a vibrator calling my name this morning. Plus Marc looks very cute and sexy when he's half awake. Easy to take advantage of him then. So, it's time to sign off and go see what kind of trouble I can get myself into today.

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