A curse or gift?  

TwistedAngel19 31F
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10/25/2005 2:51 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A curse or gift?

so as of late it just occurred to me that i am maybe too insatiable lol. Looking at the last two times i've been intimate...i still wanted more. One went all nite into the morning and the guy passed out on me....and i was still horny...and the last time only last for a little while and i felt like it was an appetizer and i was wondering where was the main course and dessert lol. I dunno if my sexual appetite is a gift or curse cause i never turn out to be fully satisfied, but at the same time i'm not as lucky as some where they have someone that is close by and they see regularly. I am greatly disadvantaged cause i go to college in the middle of nowhere lol. But believe me i am more than grateful when i do get intimate and never take those times for granted.....well...unless they are really bad lol. But also alot of guys talk big and there comes a time when they are gonna have to back it up and they tend not to necessarily live up to what they say. The more one brags, the more they lie it seems. For instance, talking to a guy for quite awhile, he says that he could last for a long time and recovers quick while trying to give me various reasons to meet...eventually that time will come and he will cum quick and is tired... i know i'm not the only one that is tired of that bullshit lol. I've gotten to the point where i am honest about how i feel; if i am not satisfied.... i will probably tell u lol. If i feel like one couldn't back up what they said, then i will give the guy shit lol. But maybe in the end it comes down to me being too greedy lol. But then i realized something important: I love to please and be pleased, and i don't ask for much, just that one gives back what they took. I have to make that connection too...the more comfortable i feel w/ my partner and the more of a connection we have, then the more relaxed me and my body is and the more satisfied everyone will be i believe. I used to see a guy, who is overseas now in the army, we were good friends and were on the same level and had a great connection and everytime we hooked up the sex, the intimacy, was amazing. And when i had other similar connections (probably not as strong) the sex was good too. Going all nite would be good fun, but hanging out and talking w/ a nice person is fun too. It would be nice to find a guy that could keep up w/ me....but i rather find a guy that i connect w/ first, trying to go at it all nite can come next lol

blue_eyed_devil2 42M

11/5/2005 9:37 pm

It may be a curse for you, but a gift for any man. Most men probably can not keep up because of their past experiences. Most women are not like you, they get sore too fast and train men to not go all night. You would be an amazing challange for any man and one men would die to take.

TwistedAngel19 31F
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11/12/2005 11:06 pm

well thanks for the response blue eyed and u do raise a very good point, not everyone's sexual prowess and appetite is the same and one could be used to just one particular way or type when it comes to sex and when they can't something different they dont always know how to handle it. Right on for the post and thanks for taking a look

OmniaHotelMyope 52M
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12/25/2005 9:08 pm

Guys both like to talk a mean game for lots of reasons. Ego/self esteem boost and as much as women say they want honesty, a fair amount of you respond and reward a good story. As far as your appetite. Most men cannot go all night. Even young men who can get it up several times and if lucky can last, will hit a plateau. It can be a lot of pressure on a guy too, if you demand too much of him. My advice. Enjoy as much as your guy can provide, but encourage other forms of stimulation (oral and manual) and consider a good vibrator to give a guy a break. Personally, I like watching a woman please herself as it teaches me how to please her.

TwistedAngel19 31F
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12/26/2005 2:32 am

I never demand too much from anybody, if u talk to me and we both have a mutual interest in hooking up all i will ask is that u do not be selfish in bed, cause everything is 50-50 with me...if i do something then i usually expect the favored returned... its always men who bring up their stamina. I have dated men who some cannot last as long as they want to, but they love to please me orally or use a toy or watch me use a toy in between breaks and thats always fun and that would always end up to things being a few hours and i would be completely satisfied, but i can't find anyone who wants to do that either at the moment. I don't necessarily need to go all nite, would be absolutely awesome...but i don't like things being rushed...take time w/ making love. I just wish people would stop bragging but thats never gonna happen lol.

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