Ideal nights...  

TwistMySpirit 37M
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8/22/2006 1:56 am

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12/31/2006 4:24 pm

Ideal nights...

"I'm in a room.
A bed, a chair, a desk and a mirror.
A mirror that will reflect our dream.

I'm standing alone and I'm waiting for you.
Come and beguile me!
Fairy of my dreams.
Draw your love upon my heart.
Fill my eyes with your beauty,
fill my soul with your kindness.
The only,
I think is to make you happy.
I kiss you passionately and you're respond.

We begin to dance.
Our shades are dancing on the wall.
The sweet perfume of your hair,
your tender silken skin.

My eyes are locked with yours.
Your eyes are magnetizing me.

We do not need to say anything else...
We do not need to do anything else...But love.
We are a dream beyond the horizon!"

Here how I imagine the intro part of a perfect night with a lady(haven't lived it yet!)...
What about you people out there...?
How you imagine these nights with someone you love...?
Have you lived them yet...?

pilos2006 43F

8/29/2006 12:13 am

It was a night to remember...
a good friend came by with a friend of his to take me out for a drink....
as soon as i saw him i couldn t take my eyes off him..
i was looking at him through the mirror ,all night in the bar...when we ended that night for a swim
nothing really happened in between us that night except a moment to have our feet touching in the water..
eyes were burning i was feeling it love was about to arrive and it was there all night to keep us still today close to each other
it was to find my soul mate that night.....

Gossip_Anyone 40F

9/19/2006 4:52 am

hey cutie

justjj1000 44F
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10/7/2006 11:18 pm

As i read your blog something came to mind,it was a night that i shared with a guy a long time ago we meet at a event most of the night was wasted just looking across the room at eachother or him looking at me when i was danceing with my freinds.UNTIl finally he sent a drink over so we got chating i wasnt aware of anyone else in the room but him and we heard slow music and he asked me to dance!!we danced till nearly everyone had left and the Dj finished playing!We didnt want the night to end!!nothing happend between us we just kissed goodbye and i hadnt thought about that night for a long time untill i read your blog!!
Please write some more and maybe youll bring back some more nice memorys for many people!!

Gossip_Anyone 40F

10/12/2006 2:06 am


When I was a young boy,
Said put away those young boy ways
Now that I'm gettin' older, so much older
I long for those young boy days
With a girl like you,
With a girl like you,
Lord knows there are things we can do, baby,
Just me and you.
Come on and make it

Hurt so good.
Come on baby, make it hurt so good.
Sometimes love don't feel like it should.
You make it hurt so good.

Don't have to be so exciting.
Just tryin' to give myself a little bit of fun, yeah.
You always look so invitin'
You ain't as green as you are young
Hey baby, its you.
Come on, girl, now, its you.
Sink your teeth right through my bones, baby.
Let's see what we can do.
Come on and make it


I ain't talkin' no big deals
I ain't made no plans myself.
I ain't talkin' no high heels
Maybe we could walk around all day long,
walk around all day long.

Chorus twice

Hey, hey

rm_Alex88882006 43F

10/25/2006 11:59 pm

Twist, your words are beautiful and romantic and bring to me many thoughts of dreams i have had. You are very talented and i hope you write more, i was riveted for sure. Kisses xxx

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