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6/25/2006 8:26 am

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I had a long talk yesterday and when it turned to sex, it perked me up. I starting to note there’s nothing like having a good hard on. Before it was just the precursor to having a need for sex, an appetizer so to speak. Now it has so much more impact. As we talked my penis filled with blood and began his rise to the top. Staying hard for a long period of time without sex is a new experience that I’m finding quite enjoyable. It doesn’t replace the act, I still want to do that, but I love being hard. I especially appreciate how easy it is to get to that state, just a few choice words and I’m fully in the conversation.

I still worry about the act of sex, killing my hard on. I’m trading one joy for another, but my hard on lives longer than my ejaculating manhood. Somehow I feel a little cheated. That’s why I’ve developed an interest in Tantra and Kegel; I don’t want my hard on, my little buddy to die in ecstasy. I want him to make it to the end and then some. I have never tried controlling my penis before this. Never thought it was possible, but it is a trip mentally engaging my penis to spasm. It is not an unconscious thought, it requires full concentration. Each an every movement requires a conscious thought. The act of sex, I’m easily hitting a thousand strokes. I don’t have the mental ability to control a thousand strokes or even a couple of hundreds.

This is new to me so it takes practice, it is weird as heck. I can be seated anywhere and begin my penis exercises, unbeknownst to the public. Shit, if I get good at it, I can orgasm without anyone knowing it. That’s scary. Penis exercises sounds so funny, unfathomable and yet I’m learning how to control my penis. Goals today, make it move to the left and then right, stop in mid space and turn around.

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