horniness Re-defined  

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horniness Re-defined

With my current obsession with sex, I was thinking of different ways to express my horniness, artistically.

There she was stretch out naked in front of me. My bulging member firmly in hand with the anticipation of what to come. As my penis began entry, she let out a soft moan. I stopped for only a moment and restarted my entry, her body squirming as I move closer to my target.


There it was the unexplored vaginal region, sensor active and reporting full frontal nudity. My payload in hand preparing for launch in this uncharted land. As the package prepared for reentry, we hear sounds of moaning. Sensing danger we stopped for a moment to investigate. Finding no danger we continued reentry and the landing got bumpy as the terra firma began to shift and move underneath us. We continued entry knowing we must reach our target.


It was dark, warm and moist; as we approached there was a blood chilling moan. Frighten and fearing danger I was stopped in my tracks. The opening was small and I could only insert myself slightly into. This appeared to be the key to my release. I placed my throbbing member inside when the opening began to shift and move around unexpectedly. I knew my way out was thru this hole I had to continue as the noises got louder.

Computer Speak

The box in front of me had the cover removed. I had the hard drive in my hand preparing to make the replacement. As I started to connect the hard drive and apply power the drive began to make noises, I thought I felt moisture. I disconnected the power for a moment fearing a crash. I continued to connect my hard drive to the box and the box suddenly came to life. Lights began to flash as the power supply began to spin up the hard drive. Boot up was slow, but I had to get to the logon prompt.

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