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6/5/2006 3:46 pm
Why don

We are men; we have like interests, predictable actions. We are almost a constant when provided the same stimuli. Example we’re in the chat room, DirtySlut123 is on her webcam and showing tilts. What do you think the men are doing?

1. Still chatting
2. doing taxes
3. clutching their members
4. Watching the webcam.

If you answered number 3 you are correct. (That’s a gimme) but if you answered number 4 you are absolutely correct. (This was a trick question; we’re always clutching our members)

If in a chat room a woman indicates that she’s horny and wants to have sex in the next 60 minutes to the first acceptable taker. What do you think will happen?

Pictures would fly thru emails, mapquest would take a coupla hits and the race is on. She didn’t need to post a picture, we’re flexible.

If you state that you want a commitment before sex, see how fast HardDick14u is chatting to DirtySlut123. I remember when I was a teenage, there was this girl I had the hots for and we used to talk from time to time. When I wanted to get closer she would remind me of the bible verse relating to sins of the flesh and recommend that I attend a meeting at her church. I distanced myself so fast from her.

It took me years to pretend like I wasn’t looking at the hot chick passing by. I at least learn to stop the drool from coming down. We could be dying of hunger and given the choice between sex and food, we would chose sex, unless we were hallucinating and pick the food by mistake, but I bet you he eat that chicken out.

Would we lie for sex, I can’t say that I lied, but I did make promises that were difficult to keep. Are you the most beautiful woman in the world? Standing naked in front of me holding my hardon, what could my answer be but yes!

Are all men bad, good for nothing? The answer would be no, but we all have some of the above issues and you need to be aware that lack of sex, could trigger any of them. Me, I’m starting to find my karma, accept my hardon for what it is a little friend that talks to me. Hold on one second, he says I shouldn’t mention that he talks to me, Ha, Ha, he cracks me up. Too late to find pussy, tomorrow old chum.

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