When you wear that sexy dress  

TurnLock 60M
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7/9/2006 4:53 am

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When you wear that sexy dress

When you wear that sexy dress showing your fantastic legs to the world am I wrong for looking? Are you dressing that way because it makes you feel good or because you feel good knowing that I am looking and lusting after you? As you stand there my mind is going thru a thousand different permutations of what I should be doing now beside looking at your gorgeous legs and following them up to the bottom of your skirt which begins a new mystery for me.

The path curves around that ass… oh a love for geometry I didn’t have, to now embrace the beauty of lines and curves make me want to reacquaint myself with math. I linger at your ass, was that skirt chosen to accentuate your ass or because it’s comfortable and allows you to air out. Do I really care if there are panties underneath there? I let my imagination complete that part and I’m happy.

As I take the long scenic route up to your torso as I go into the valley and approach the mountains. I can’t help but wonder how I missed this in the first place. The twins so big, so powerful, shouting at me to pay attention. One button comes loose at the top, inviting me to take a closer look. Am I overstepping my boundaries, as I see more of the fleshy skin that is my joy? I spend a great deal of time here as if I can memorize the shape, the location the placement of each breast.

I continue upward and discover an adornment around your neck, pause to identify and continue up. Your lips are colored with your passionate expression of lipstick. As you lick and moisten your lips, I grow hard and now containment becomes an issue. I try to mentally will myself down as I see your cheeks and eyes. Your skin tone is beautiful, your eyes containing all my desires feeds me even more. Your hair is nicely done, jet black with a shine, covers your eyes and brings my focus back to the face and at that moment it’s like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Darkpassion 57F

7/9/2006 7:42 am

I wish those thoughts would last. First impressions are great but fleeting. To be admired in this way is exciting. Do I consciously dress to cause this reaction...no I don't. When I find myself wearing something I love and that makes me feel good then thats sexy.

TurnLock replies on 7/9/2006 9:10 am:
I sometime feel that women dress for a reaction. Sometimes they just like to dress sexy and are unaware of the reaction they generate. I just took the time to express its effects on me.

TurnLock 60M
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7/13/2006 3:26 am

This is my favorite post. I like to re-read this and to visualize what inspired this. It is a fond memory, waiting to be trigger by the next great set of legs.

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