When I look at Women  

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5/16/2006 5:48 pm
When I look at Women

When I look at women, I look at the obvious physical makeup, how well they dress up the package and how they act. A Bitchy woman can never achieve the most desired status no matter how pretty/beautiful she appears. A Nag, man’s reason for Tv, cannot be tolerated. She must be erased from the face of the earth. She is an unstoppable evil that must be eradicated. Men who have nags are cursed to have good moments varnished by some previous event in time that they had long forgotten or sought to forget.

I don’t want to delve on the negatives of women, because I would then be forced to expound upon our shortcomings so this ends here. I want to explain the chemical and physical changes that explain my attraction or need for companionship. Beauty takes many forms and vary from person to person. For me physical attraction is the ticket to the game. I wish it wasn’t, because that’s all packaging and the contents aren’t known until we remove enough of the packaging. Remember the old 3 in 1 comic packages us old timers used to get. We knew that there were 3 comics in the package, but could only really judge from the one main book. Get home, open up the package and you might get lucky and get a 2nd or 3rd book that you like. Most likely it was something you didn’t want or an unknown series. Attractive, pretenses women are the 3 in 1 comics. You just don’t know what you’ll get.

The eyes, key to the soul, the smile the hint of humanity are focal points that start the attraction process. Talking to a woman and their eyes following you and a smile indicate at least the desire to converse and pay attention. A frowning woman, is a mood killer. It’s funny how talking can make a person attractive. There are many women I had no interests or a slight interest, but pushed it aside until I talked to them. A woman with her head on her shoulders and knows what she is talking about is so sexy. I would say because it stimulates my brain to converse, she/talking brings about an emotional response to the subject. Once my mind is stimulated my physical attraction kicks in. I begin to notice a cute face, eyes and mouth. Then I go purely superficial and start checking out the body and I’m hooked.

I easily fall in love/lust. Can’t tell what it is. The lust part is automatic. An attractive woman kicks all the senses into gear. The desire for sex is first, followed by the memory of a great sexually encounter, followed by a memory of a great mental & physical relationship. In 10 secs of viewing, my mind has created a relationship, sexual encounter, happy times and a pleasant breakup. Pavlov’s dog for men. I blur the line between love and lust for awhile. I want to be in love, I’m at my best in love or lust for that matter.
Caring for someone else means so much to me. It fires up my physical strengths and emotional energy and compels me to live life.

Without love, fuck the world. I’m not happy, I’m not getting any, so fuck it all. This is a bad place to be. I have been there in the last few months. The absence of sex does crazy things to the mind. Can I cope without sex? As we have seen, it has been my primary focus for this entire time. The body is a remarkable system. High blood sugar causes the body to attempt to excrete the sugar thru the urine. The fat cells release sugar to the body when it’s energy levels are low. My body regularly produces sperm cells to keep the population up. Side effect is horniness, to remind me that I have to re-populate the Earth. That’s right the Earth, my task is big. Horniness dominates the thought process and keeps pushing my re-populate the Earth agenda. I didn’t ask for the job, but hey what can I do.

My choices are to deal with the pending breakup of my marriage, which is painful and going to bring about negativity or unleash the beast and let my horniness distract me.
I choose the later, but it’s going to be limited. I am seeking a re-entry into the real world; starting with bowling, walking, public events. Start a new routine, live life a new concept for me.

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