What kind of lover am I?  

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7/15/2006 5:02 am

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What kind of lover am I?

As I am asked what kind of things I like about sex, what kind of lover am I? I will attempt to explain in the following: Pretend that the woman is you and that you are my wife and this is how I would approach you for sex.

I come home and you are in the kitchen finishing my meal. All the kids are out. I come to you in the kitchen. I say “Hello” and grab you by the waist and pull you to me and kiss you on your left side of the neck. My hands move up to your breast and I cop a feel and you push them away and turn to me and gives me a kiss. My hands move to grab your ass and we linger for a few moments and then we separate.

I take your hand and lead you to the front room. I sit and pull you to my lap. I’m unbuttoning your shirt and I reach for your right breast with my left hand. We make small talk while I’m positioning my hand to get under that bra. I loosen the shirt more and try my damnest to get that bra off. Once off I place my mouth on your tit, still dreaming about the milk that used to come out of there years ago. I want to get you pregnant to get that milk flowing again, but the last child is running me raggit.

I gently lay you down on the sofa still suckling your breast, my left hand moves under your pants and rest over your vagina. I place two fingers inside and motion my hand over your vagina. I get a reaction and I remove my fingers and message your vagina with my hands, gently at first and gradual increasing the intensity of the rubbing. I place the two fingers back in your vagina and I continue to message the area, but a little bit more aggressively.

The sofa was designed for sitting and not fucking. We make our way back to the bedroom removing all unnecessary garments. You’re laying on the bed, legs partially open. I’m bending over you preparing my entry; you shift your body to the side, because you like it from the rear. I like it here too but I don’t like starting here. This causes me to cum quickly and intensely. I slip it in from the side and you push up against me to meet each stroke. This continues for a few minutes and I motion for you to lay on your stomach and I use some pillow to raise your stomach and we continue. After 15 minutes maybe 20 I cum what happens next depends on how horny I am. Usually I continue stroking it but at a much slower pace waiting for the fluids to dissipate and for my penis to stiffen up again. Worst case this is it and we’re done. If I regain my hard on, I’m good for another 20 to 60 minutes and we try a few different positions. If I’m lucky I work a good sweat and you cum more than once and the sheets are soaking wet. Two hours or so later you wake up and there’s a dick thrusting inside of you.

I sure miss those days.

MissKittyNip26 106F

7/15/2006 4:56 pm

Well damn.. yeh.. that sounds quite nice to me!!! I actually started to get horny there. The only thing that threw me off was movin' from the couch to the room. That messed my flow up.. but once I got back to readin, it went back to soundin' good!!

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