We're all Sluts and Whores  

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6/8/2006 5:58 pm

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We're all Sluts and Whores

I have been tried for the last two days. You would think as much sleep as I should get at work. I should be rejuvenated when I get home. I have to force myself to stay awake at work. I haven’t been able to call people or hit the chat rooms or enjoy the magical tube of wonder. I’ve been sleeping early and waking up earlier. Right now my focus is getting the work day done. After that it chit-chat with the kids, eat and sleep. I do get to spend a few minutes reading my favorite blogs. One guy is getting ready for his first sexual encounter in awhile and is prepping for the date. That’s a romantic, a flower on the bed and condoms galore. I’m happy for him at least he getting some.

My other blog, she is getting more than her share and don’t know how lucky she is. If I was getting it two to three times a week this blog would be once a week one long entry. I would be writing about how I was able to get clothes on for the first time this week and she allowed me a few minutes of outside time before she put me back on lockdown and made me do things to her that I couldn’t speak out loud. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my boys. I might go out and buy a model rocket and introduce them to my childhood hobby. My oldest son has picked up our family interest in music. Seems I have a family that naturally talented in music, with the exception being the oldest daughter (bad singer) and the youngest (he’s good at the demo button.) I went to school for music at Chicago State. I was studying to be a composer and discovered an aptitude for computers which changed my career direction.

Back to the blogs, a question was posed as to why if a woman is as sexually active as a man, why is she considered a slut and whore and nothing is thought of the man. Well, since it was a man who made the definitions, that’s the reason why. I’m screwing 30 women; I’m not calling myself a whore. I’m a Don Juan, Casanova, lover of women. If a woman screws 30 men, she’s a slut, a whore. Why, I suspect control issue. If you don’t want to be a slut, you would save yourself; keep yourself pure for your future man. A mental chastity belt for our ages. Drill it into the women kind, young and old. It’s bad to be a slut or a whore, keep those legs close. Man decided that he didn’t want to live the chastity way of life so to justify his wayward dick; he became Don Juan, Casanova, and lover, romance hero to women. Make it sexy for him to behave this way so that he could easily deflower the women he has told not to be sluts and whores.

I always thought of a slut/whore as a woman who just slept with men, didn’t do it for the money, just like having sex and didn’t care with whom. That almost makes me a whore, if I could pull that off, I would be a whore, my dick would never see the light of day. Always stuff in someone’s warm place. I’m missing the point. This is a distinction that means nothing at this age. No man can call you a slut or whore; he has done enough dirt that he should just shut up. The Jimmy Swaggarts and his kind have proved that a nearness to God doesn’t make one pure of sin.

This is nothing more than another label, an attempt to control or justify behavior. Look at the source and what the intended purpose is for and you’ll ignore it like me.

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