Today I am so Mellow  

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6/19/2006 6:01 pm

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Today I am so Mellow

Today I am so mellow, I feel like I had sex. My dick is happy too, he had a lot of blood in him yesterday. Maybe he’ll leave me alone for awhile. I was on the train and I was thinking about Lyoness and I had one of them body orgasm that I had heard about. Shocked the shit out of me, I thought that crap was all bullshit. Orgasm with out ejaculation now I got some research to do. That shit could prove dangerous or at least improper behavior. I could see me at work and someone is pissing me off and I stop for a second and put myself into a wave or two of body orgasms and then resume the conversation mellow as hell.

Sex is suddenly so new to me. MissKittyNip26 explained a sexual exercise in which the pussy muscles and strength could be trained by exercise. Such a woman could rule the world or at least create world peace. I had a conversation yesterday and I was told that I should be careful before I jump back into sex; she indicated that these women today would have me pussywhipped in no time. I was wondering is that supposed to be a bad thing? Fucked into submission TurnLock revealed the secret location of the car keys and poof the car was gone. Damn it BadDick, tricked again. TurnLock and BadDick begin working on a plan to stop PussyWhip mind control over them. To be continued.

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