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7/15/2006 8:15 am

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Stud TurnLock

I am glad that I have a computer and the Internet. I have access to a wealth of information and knowledge. Scientific studies of extreme and complicate natures and simple studies of how we got our names. With all this power before me, I find the sites about sex, pornography and how to pick up girls to be my regular past time. I need to rush out and get married, that’ll put an end to this madness.

All men want to be players and why shouldn’t we? To have the skills and abilities to win a woman over and have sex as often as we like is like … being a woman with a dick. Women never have this problem, at least to the point that you should ever complain about it. Every day of your life there is a man waiting for his chance to have sex with you. If you went out and rented a conference room at the Ramada and placed a picture of yourself in it and invited all the men who wanted to have sex with you to attend, the room would fill up to the thousands.

Yes, I’m exaggerating, it would only be hundreds and it depends on its placement to the sports section. We want you, short, fat, tall, skinny, bald, manly, pregnant, anorexia’s we will fuck you all. One leg, no legs we just don’t care. Live, dead, comatose it just doesn’t matter. That’s how much power you have over us; shit Helen of Troy, need I say more.

On the other hand, we men don’t fare as well. You only want us if we are models, movie stars or rich. The Notorious BIG, by far the ugliest man I have ever seen pulled Faith Evans. Unless she needed glasses, it couldn’t have been his looks. Maybe he was the greatest dick on the face of the earth, I’ll never know. He could have been the sweetest guy in the world. If not for his money, not many women would have been hanging around.

So being a playa is a fantasy for us. We are willing to pay big bucks to learn this art. We know it works, some of our less attractive friends have more game than us and we must know why. I went to these sites as a joke thinking they would concentrate on ridiculous pick up lines. I used to find them funny and was looking to feed my funny, but I saw some stuff that made sense. I read article after article, did it help me, hell no, I’m not that adventurous. It did open my eyes to some things that we men should be aware of. I can’t reveal it here, because I might use it one day, don’t want to give up my strategic advantage. You’ll never know when I’m using it unless I’m seducing you and you’ll never know it until after we had sex. Then and only then will I reveal the secret, so make sure you’re the first to fuck me to find out (shameless plug for sex).

The only thing wrong with being a playa is they must think me to be desperate. They want to charge me $19.95 a month or $40 to $400 dollars for the mystery that is dating. Damn it they know my weakness I would gladly pay $400 dollars for the chance to provide my stud services to the ladies who hold my affection. Where’s my checkbook, I’m gonna be a player. Call me by my playa name Stud TurnLock. What cha mean I ain’t got $400, talk to yall later this might take awhile. Yeah, I wrote that check... didn't clear?

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