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6/22/2006 4:53 pm

I知 strapped, attached, wired, wireless and my back hurts. Every morning, I have to do inventory of my laptop carrying bag. Make sure I have laptop Power Supply, mouse, secure ID and work hard drive. Verify that my daughter didn稚 screw me and run my battery down on my laptop. I need 3 hrs of battery power, sometimes they leave me with 1 hr and I知 pissed. Verify that my cell phone, MP3/Camera, Radio and headphones are packed. Also verify that my FM transmitter is in my bag and has battery power. I got the FM transmitter to free my wired and restricted connection to my laptop. Comes in handy when I traveling I can move my head without fear of stretching the connection and damaging another set of head phones. Also comes in handy when I watching my porn in the morning I can leave the room and still hear the moans and groans. I can function like a productive person.

I also carry my pens, paperwork, magazines and computer disk, movies and USB drives. It痴 a long trip. The train is always crowded but there are always seats if you look. The upper deck always has a seat. I make my way up, excuse me, excuse me and I知 seated. Then while I知 waiting for the tickets to be checked, the people watching begins. All the women are dressed for business and most of the men. A good 30% of the men are dressed for labor or just casual. I知 with the cool guys, casual. The poor casual guys.

I like to look at the parade of women, they are reading, laughing, talking and watching just like me. Occasionally I spy one looking at me and we begin the dance of the eyes. I look and she looks away pretending that she wasn稚 looking but I know. She looks my way and I pretend like I知 sleeping. I do such a good job, that I知 awaken at the end of the run.

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