Overtly Obsessed  

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6/27/2006 5:35 pm

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Overtly Obsessed

It might seem that my mind is overtly obsessed with sexual thoughts. That only applies to a couple of hours a day. A couple of isolated incidents at work. A few incidents riding the train or bus. Only when I come in contact with women, other than that I’m a full functional application/computer technician and a good father. If this was a computer site, I would be blogging about my computer or programming systems with the same enthusiasms.

My over emphasis on sex and sexual situations is clearly based on my lack of participation. I compare this to Michael Jordon sitting at home and watching the Bulls play, knowing that he can do that. That’s what motivated his return to the game. On this site there are numerous references to the act and as I sit on the sideline I note that “I can still do that”

Like a drug a withdrawal of anything that a person enjoys will produce a craving a strong desire to have that which was taken away, given back. A diet forces you to recondition your eating habits, it either reduces or removes foods that are bad for you. A person on a diet having had chocolate removed from their diet will no doubt crave chocolate. It will take over their thinking and bring about memories of taste, touch and smell. The desire will increase until the person either conditions themselves to not have the desire or they cheat on the diet and get the chocolate.

I’m not on a sexless diet, I desire sex but have not acted upon it. I can’t blame a lack of matches on AdultFriendFinder, this is just one of many methods to meet people. The fault lies in me. Unlike AdultFriendFinder dating in the real world involves much more participation. No profiles to reference, no idea what she wants or has experienced. It involves one on one contact, confidence, flirting and conversation skills. Looking on the sidelines, I can almost do that.

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