Old stomping grounds  

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5/1/2006 8:27 pm
Old stomping grounds

First day back to work after being diagnose for diabetes. I went to my old stomping grounds in Oak brook. It was nice seeing all the old friends, hugs every where. One friend was getting a divorce after 20+ years to a cheating husband. They stayed together for the children. The husband stayed for her money.

I got to see some of the women I had lusted for but never acknowledged due to my marriage commitment. There was this one woman I encountered; she had such a crush on me that even I noticed it. I would avoid her because I didn’t feel comfortable with her attention. I saw her today, she looked the same, but today she had a glow and looked gorgeous. I was talking to her and checking her out when I got wood. That was clearing the first time that ever happened. We said our goodbyes and I was wondering if she still had that crush.

No greater joy than going thru 400 emails and acknowledging the important ones and deleting the crap. My mind was still on this girl and my lustful desires. I decided not to act upon my interest and see if I feel the same way tomorrow.

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