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I feel like it's my plan to go sexless. Like I'm counting the days, 120 days no sex, 240 more to go. Like there is a prize at the end. I remember Saturday morning, waking up horny around 6am and waiting 2 more hours for the wife to wake up so i could toss this idea about having sex at her. She's one of those morning people, have to have sleep first. Should have seen trouble there, but the dick didn't do the necessary background checks. I'm working on a whole new set of checks for the future.

After we had sex, providing she didn't need more sleep, I would just lay back and let my body reset it self back to normal. Well it wasn't actually back to normal, I was much happier, satisfied and rejuvenated. Good sex takes the evil outta you and replaces it with Mary Poppins. One thing, I haven't grown out of yet is my cartoons, I would get up and watch my favorites, Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the likes. Used to wake the boy up and we would watch and comment together about the shows. We both loved Static Shock, made fun of the girls when B2K were guest on one episode. His sister were big B2K fans.

I would joke with the wife about whatever I saw or thought of at the moment. My wife the former Stand up would joke about many things and we would formulate the material in a form that she could use as stand up. It was a fun time, being in love, not having much money or control of the money. I've always made enough to take care, but they always managed to find ways to mismanage the money we had. $700 for modeling classes for my 15 year old. I thought that shit was crazy, but I had two people to keep happy and so I signed off. I also didn't want to hear any more about how they were wasting my money. Later I discovered that it wasn't my money, it was the family money. The kids didn't ask to be born. They were my responsibility to care for. I've been feeding that dead horse for years.

I would be in awe of my daughters creativity. When they were younger they wanted to be cooks. Once in awhile they would get up early Sunday morning and make breakfast for the family. They learned how to read and follow recipes. Today they would starve in a house full of food. Musically they picked up the clarinet like it was natural and both played for the school band. My son surprised me one day when I found him playing the keyboard like he was going to school for it. He has advance to computer music composition and I see genius in his musical constructions. He sells his beats to the local rappers for $20-50 dollars. He has a job, so he says. I suck on the piano, his mother is a natural on the piano. My instrument was the guitar and I studied music at Chicago State University. On my way to being a composer when I decided to grow up and join the Army.

This is part of the story where the computer runs out of ink and can't be completed at this time. It's the part where I say "Next time"

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7/4/2006 7:56 am

I am having a sexless summer but by choice. I need time with my daughter and I need time to make sense of my world before I start thinking about getting my groove on again.


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