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6/2/2006 3:28 am

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Natural flirts

I have never been smooth with the ladies. I think it’s more dumb luck for me than anything else. Once I get them under my spell; marriage and it’s too late then. I have seen the masters at work and the naturals. I have this friend Andy and his powers over women will be talked about for decades to come. Andy is from equador about 30. Andy is a natural flirt and a true romantic; he doesn’t even know he’s doing it half the time and women have lined up to be the object of his attention. Andy’s only problem is he likes girls that don’t like him. We used to watch Andy and be in awe after he finished doing his job. He didn’t approach them slick or have a prepared routine, he was just naturally charming. If they were sad he would empathize and make them feel as if they were the sexiest woman in the building and there were 300+ women in the building.

My fantasy could have just as easily been “The Andy Story” because Andy had things like that happen to him. There was this girl who was in hot pursuit of Andy and he didn’t want anything to do with her. Andy made the mistake of going out drinking at an event where she was. Andy was not a good drinker and should to this day not be allowed to be around alcohol. During this drunken state she seduced Andy and man was she cocky afterwards. She would mention that she was good enough to fuck, but not good enough to date. Andy mention that he was drunk and she took advantage of him. The second time she took advantage of him, I tried to point out that he shouldn’t be drinking around her.

I had this friend from New Orleans, he was the smoothest person I seen when it came to women. His approach was natural, he was a good looking man and he was intelligent, so these traits helped a lot. He didn’t really have to do much other than to look at a woman and they would pretty much approach him and then he would go to work. He would comment on how nice they looked (standard) and how he was new to the area and didn’t know his way around (standard) and that he would like to discover the community with her company (standard). They all feel for him, it was months before any of us knew he was married.

Rex amazed me, he was married and had a steady girl friend and didn’t really try to keep it a secret. His wife always knew he was up to someone and they would have fights from time to time that resulted in him spending time with his girlfriend. Rex was light skinned, muscular and drove an expensive car that his girl friend paid for. Rex used the volume method to get his hookups. He would canvas 10-30 girls a day and collect a minimum of 3 to 5 numbers and then filter them out based on who would most likely put out. Rex left his wife to stay with his girlfriend who he eventually married. But before the marriage, Rex was cheating on his girlfriend with his ex-wife.

My approach, if one would define it as that was just as confusing as the Rubik Cube. I don’t recall how I got women. I remember my friends in Kentucky would introduce me to the few Black friends that they knew, it didn’t work. When I got to Missouri, there were a few women who approached me and I wasn’t prepared for that. They just weren’t my type. I went to the clubs and met a girl I had the hots for and when I discovered that she had the same last name as mine. I started to wonder relative? We stayed out late that night, but I couldn’t continue and left her at the last bar we went to and I drove back to my hotel, woke up on the highway just in time to avoid hitting the construction barrier. I had to make myself a new promise on drinking, driving and staying out late.

One person I forgot to mention was my best friend from childhood; Eddie. All Eddie had to do to get a girl was walk into the room. Eddie was not aggressive, a ladies man, a player he was just Eddie. Girl’s years older than him would stop in their tracts and try to talk to him. I took him to class with me one day to sit in and meet my Professor. After class we had a discussion, all the women got as close to Eddie as they could and all tried to talk to him. Eddie was also a shy person, but he got over it and had his year of being a player before he resorted back to his normal self.

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6/10/2006 8:31 pm

Damn.. it's interesting to see how men "work" from another man's point of view. Readin' this I thought back to many men I've run across. Hmm.. I'm really likin' your blog.. it's quite

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