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Misc sexcapades

For me the most unusual place I ever had sex, it was Korea, 1975 it was after curfew and I was going home with my girlfriend and she was drunk. She stopped me and pinned me to the wall and unzipped me and began to suck my dick. This was the first time that she ever did that. I couldn't resist, I was in heaven, but we had to move along. I left my dick sticking out as we tried to walk home. I was feeling cocky. She stopped me every so many feet and sucked me again. This went on for awhile and we eventually made it to the front door and she wouldn't let me put the key in the door. If I could replay that night.

One night I rented the services of a hooker and spent the night with her. I did it for two reasons; I didn’t want to spend the night alone and she needed the money. I told her that I just wanted to talk, sleep and be held. It was a easy night for her. I woke up in the morning thinking, I should have had the sex too.

One evening I got this hooker and I swear she was 17 or 18 but I knew she was young and I was ready for sex. I placed my manhood into her and there I was Space 1999. My poor penis was touching nothing.

The best sex I had was this one Korean hooker, her vagina was tight and felt like it had ridges, each stroke was heaven. She convinced me not to use a rubber because she didn’t like the way they felt. 3 days later, I was standing in front of a PFC nurse explaining this drip I had, oh yeah, she was a Black nurse and I could feel the contempt she had for us. Needless to say for sex that good, I would do it again and catch VD again. She was better than good, she was GREAT!! I spent a lot of time with her, each time with a rubber.

I spent one night with this hooker who gave me a hard time closing the deal and it was approaching curfew and I was so mad, I started to put my clothing on and she stopped me and decided to perform her duties. I got my rocks off, but I was still pissed and promised not to see her again. Why then did she have to be the one who thought she was in love with me and pursued me until I finally convinced her that I wanted nothing to do with her?

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