Married dilema  

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4/25/2006 7:27 am

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Married dilema

Recently I came across a profile that interested me a lot. There was this Married woman in a sexless marriage like me just looking for someone to be her sex buddy. Oh the joys of carefree sex, McDonald’s style; I want a blowjob and a ... for here. She listed all the things she enjoyed sexually and they happened to be all the things that I wanted to do. As I got more and more excited I began to read into the profile where she was sneaking around on her husband. Whoa, I don’t have a problem with married people stepping out, but I believe it should be up front with the other partner. This would be a situation where I would be the other man. I would officially qualify for a Cheater’s episode, not one of my goals this year.

I’m not passing judgment but I don’t want to be involved in the dissolution of a marriage, the victim of a jealous husband rage a drive-by shooting just for incredible sex. This hit’s me because I have to defend my decision to stay married to my wife who I now refer to as my roommate, so that my children would have a normal family life. My roommate and I are both in agreement with our arrangement, as long as she isn’t putting out, I’m going out.

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