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7/14/2006 3:57 am

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Man Law

Men, the following blog entry are encrypted. You will need your special 3d glasses to read this entry.

A 41 year old man after 21 years of marriage has professed his undying love for his wife by building a monument in her honor. Channel 9 goes on to say that they have been happily married for 21 years and would do it again if they had the choice.

How many times have I told you bastards about getting in the news? One time, thousand, over a million, that’s right one more time DON”T GET IN THE NEWS! Millions of women are either watching this or reading this and now they want us to do the same. Find out this idiot’s name and schedule him for a police report about spousal abuse. That’ll clean this up. No don’t use spousal abuse that effects us negatively, I don’t support harming women, get pictures of him in a dress or a brothel.

My husband got me this three carrot ring from Jarrod’s.

The Jarrod commercials they have got to go. We can’t afford three carrot rings for one. We can’t afford a dozen of rose every week either. Put an end to these commercials; apply as much force as necessary.

Did you know a man gave his wife a rose everyday of there marriage for 30 years and continued it for 10 years after his death.

You want to know how I found this out. IT WAS IN THE NEWS. We should have found out about this bastard way before his death, by the way did we cause his untimely death? Nevermind. This type of creative thinking has got to stop. I don’t want my wife or my girlfriend getting flowers from me from the grave. Let’s clean this up. Manufacture a girlfriend and GET HER IN THE NEWS. Arrange for her to also get flowers from him, make sure the dates all line up next.


Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes…

Stop right there that’s enough, who’s got Cruise? Joe is that you. Okay who’s got Joe? I want to talk to both of you idiots after the post. I thought that after Oprah, we would put a tighter rein on Cruise. No more crazy shit, he was scaring people. Joe you let that baby thing go on too long and Peter you didn’t control Joe or Cruise so your ass is in trouble too.

Next week I want to see some husbands busted for infidelity and getting screwed in divorce court and I want to see it IN THE NEWS. We need to look good; we can’t keep relying on “at least I’m not crazy like Tom Cruise.”

Thanks TurnLock, those were interest lifestyle stories.

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