Lexington Kentucky - Where I learned to hate Sports  

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5/18/2006 5:26 pm

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Lexington Kentucky - Where I learned to hate Sports

I was arrogant when I was younger. I knew my job and I would be damned if someone could prove me wrong. When I was wrong (seldom) I stood corrected and I benefited from this new knowledge. I hated dealing with people who had/have this “One track mind” mentality. “This is the way we always do this” type of people. Every time I meet then, I just knew that after 10-20 years there was a better way to do things and a majority of the times I was right. Those Old timers didn’t like that part of my personality that much in Kentucky.

Lexington Kentucky home of the “Lexington Bluegrass Army Depot” my home for three years. I dealt with ignorant, backward, one track mind individuals on a daily basis. The Football and Basketball teams were the most talked about and important venue that existed in that city. A day couldn’t go by where I didn’t hear country music or hear about the Wildcats. I believe this is were I learned to hate sports. I couldn’t take it anymore, they were driving me crazy. Around this time my Korean Wife was having the time of her life visiting friends in Chicago and she was working there too. She also had a hard time coming back home to Lexington and I put my foot down and told her that if she couldn’t come home that we would be getting a divorce. As I prepared for the divorce, she came home to spend a few days with me and gather her things. I had the best sex that night, knowing that it would be the last time that we would be together. A few weeks later I got a new Job and moved to Kansas City, Mo.

Kansas City, Ks and Kansas City, Mo are like night and day and it’s easy to piss the Kansas City people off by mixing up which state they belonged to. I liked being in KCMO, after three years of country music it was great to experience soul music on a soul station.

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5/18/2006 6:14 pm

ahhhh I sorry you didn't have a good time in Lexington, KY.
I grad from UK. Yea, I have "wildcat" blood in my veins and I found it such a great little city that I lived there for several years afterward. Country music is everywhere! BTW. There was a great little place out on New Circle Road that part of the the original 4 Tops sang at, Sister Sledge, ya remember them, 2 of the sisters live out in Tates Creek suburbs too, when I was running there ... soul music? Lots of great places, maybe you just missed them on the way.
I've been to TX, TN and lots of other states in my travels and ya can't get more country than that!
Glad you found a "spot" to roost

warm wishes

TurnLock replies on 5/19/2006 2:56 am:
Shouldn't say I hate country music. I hated hearing it all the time. I enjoyed "Hire myself a wino to decorate our home". I also liked "If the south had won" cracked me up. I enjoyed Crystal Gayle and "When we get behind closed door" It like when that DJ played that christmas song for hours back to back. It drives you crazy.

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