Just like going to McDonalds  

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8/7/2006 5:57 pm
Just like going to McDonalds

Now is one of those times that I miss being in Korea. I could get my dick sucked and waxed off base during lunch or anytime before or after work. Just like going to McDonalds. I especially liked get my hair cut and a message on the base across from where I worked it was like sex to me. That’s the way a man should get a hair cut. I was usually so much more mellow, the only way I couldn’t felt any better was if I had sex.

My dream is to move to Las Vegas where prostitution is legal and apparently more inventive. They have a menu of the women and what they like to do and when they’ll be available in Vegas. Sure you pay more, but it’s worth it for a trained professional. Sadly I still would not be able to frequent as much as I would want to, example Norm of cheers. Cost creates its own reality. Maybe they need tech support and I could work overtime for sex. They could be in need of a webmaster and since I’m there all the time, they decide to give the job to me.

Back to reality a good part time job for me would to technical instructor, one of the few jobs that I could do on weekends and make tons of money. Only problem is I would have to recertify on seven different areas’s, plus take two in class courses and finally give a video presentation of my instructing ability. I have a lukewarm start, but its time to address this issue seriously and get my MCT certification and live like a human being who can afford a different hooker every night, maybe two. That’s my dream. Now take a few minutes and listen to “Love’s Holiday” by EWF and you’ll know what I looking for.

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