I never knew this about myself  

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7/14/2006 8:38 am

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I never knew this about myself

I never knew this about myself, I like to talk. I like to have my mind, body and soul stimulated by conversation. I love to hear a women talk, even if it’s only about her self. Expressing what she likes and dislikes gives insight into who she is and what’s she’s about. I got about 30 to 60 minutes that I can devote to a conversation before I can no longer fuel the conversation, at that time its bye. Now if the conversation turns sexual in nature, my interest has been rekindled. I as good for the conversation as Buddy is alert. I’m all ears, all dick when the conversation is about sex.

My body is most receptive and eager to hear. The harden condition produces a euphoria that relaxes and excites me. There are times during the conversation that I release pre-cum unexpectedly. There are also times that I may find my hand brushing up against my manhood. I can’t say intentionally or if this is a reactional response. There is an unfortunate side effect of this all, when the conversation is over; I’m still hard with no release in sight. Despite this condition the conversation was well worth the hard on. So should we ever talk on the phone you can stimulate me with science, technology, human interest and good ole sex.

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