I feel a change  

TurnLock 59M
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7/23/2006 5:07 am
I feel a change

I feel a change in me. My confidence somewhat weaken is starting a rebound. I’m feeling better about a wide range of things. I’ve got to work on getting things done, my procrastination skills are outrageous. Work is picking up and now I don’t have enough time to sleep on the job. My kids are going to be with me a little longer than expected. I really like that. My little one is my joy. He is so smart and charming. He told his mother that her strength comes from her breast. I laughed when I heard that, not because he was wrong but because in a way his knowledge was way ahead of him. The power of a woman’s breast is unmeasurable. It makes us weak to the knees and ogle uncontrollably and the only way to stop it is to look away. A skill I have yet to master.

I’ve been told my admiration of women’s tits and asses is sexist, that I am reducing woman to just sexual objects. I can’t lie and say that’s not true. I enjoy the female form I could look at it all day. Is my admiration belittling, demeaning and in anyway hindering women everywhere. I have to say no. I respect women and treat them accordingly. I may admire their form from time to time, but like me they have a job to do. Like me they don’t have time to deal with the distractions that sexual interest imposes. Such activities are not acceptable in the work place and I’m the professional on the job.

How would I react to women treating me as a sex object? That depends on how it is done. The constructions workers version of admiration is crude, crass and an embarrassment to men everywhere. If women treated us like this we would be equally pissed. Looking at me with lust in their eyes wouldn’t bother me a bit. A bunch of women gathering to stare at me would be unconformable and spooky, but not likely to happen. Lusting after my body, penis, face or whatever turns you on, doesn’t effect me, so why should I care. My lusting after you doesn’t effect you let me have my joy.

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